I'll spare your bookshelf space (for the time being) and instead ask, what's in your art bag...or in your studio?

Some of my favorite "Must have" supplies:

In no particular order
(disclaimer: I have NOTHING to do with any of these companies. I work for me and for me alone! No kick backs here. I buy all of my stuff just like you guys do -with the exception of two stamp companies from time to time...) :

Caran d'ache Neo Art Watersoluble Wax Pastels
(NOT oil based at all, these are big chunky crayons) I Love these to add color "here and there" on a page. I mostly use them dry with a heavy hand and "rub" them into the page using an old rag. Yet, since they are watersoluble anything "wet" will move them around. I have two sets of the 60 colors (one for me, one for classes) and these puppies last a LONG time. I dumped them out of the box and put them in a bag and they're not so "precious" once you do that ;)

Nova Color Acrylic Paint
-This little "mom and pop" paint company has been around longer then me! Their quality is top notch and their prices are the best around. I buy all of my paints from them and have been doing that for some time. My "essential colors": Quinacridone Magenta, Azo Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue, Raw Titan Matte (similiar to Titan Buff), Burnt Sienna, Paynes Grey, Titanium White. I also love their gel medium (for gluing and thickening up my paint) and their gloss medium for "extending" or mixing 50/50 with my acrylics to make them last longer.

140 lb wausau exact index cardstock
-This is the paper that I use for ALL of my artwork-for my journals, books, collages and more. It takes a beating like you wouldn't believe-layers and layers of acrylics and more make it feel so wonderful. I have been using it for years and in my small opinion, it is the best paper around!

Chip or Bristle Brushes
-I don't care who from what magazine or book says you need expensive brushes-ya don't. So there.

Glue Sticks
-Pioneer, Scotch, Borderline, Uhu, etc... I love glue sticks. I love the ones labeled "permanent" like Scotch, Pioneer and Borderline. Been using 'em for years.

An old rag
-great for scrubbing paint, getting rid of bubbles & wrinkles in collage work and just handy to have around....

Baby wipes and waxed paper
-baby wipes for clean hands and for "softening (removing) paint"...also for rubbing the caran d'ache into the page...waxed paper as a palette and between pages to prevent 'em from sticking together (after you scrub 'em down with a paper towel).

PENS-My faves are Sharpie Poster Paint Pens (waterbased...love the extra fine nib but I use 'em all!); Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze and Souffle pens (The ONLY gel pens that do not skip and write on everything!!); Sakura Micron pens; Faber Castell Pitt Pens-all of these pens will write on dried acrylic paint and are great for journaling!! Check out the March/April issue of Cloth Paper Scissors for an article I wrote on my favorite pens.

Collage stuff
-papers, found or store bought, stickers, labels, handmade/decorative papers, etc...Rip the stuff up. Glue it down. Use it. Don't save it. Don't hoard it. Use it. There's still lots of paper out there.

Cork backed metal ruler
-um, not for measuring but for ripping papers...when I'm not using a metal ruler or my own hands, I am in love with the

Tim Holtz Tonic
scissors they feel so good in your hands!

Rubber Stamps-Sometimes I buy 'em and just look at them (for inspiration-seriously)...but my faves are always background, alphabets, things that I can use again and again and again. I do have pretty much almost every since Acey Deucy stamp ever made-scary, huh? I am a sucker for Stampers Anonymous, Invoke, Postmodern Design, Paperbag Studios, StampaFe...to name a few....(Disclaimer: Postmodern Design and Paperbag Studios are the only two companies that send me rubber stamps from time to time and they really are 2 of the best and most hard working companies around!)

Remember, support your local rubber stamp store-seriously. Now. Before it's too late....

And don't forget, I'm teaching at Las Vegas Art Stamps in two weeks, baby!!! Five classes, check it out here...oh, and have I mentioned The Artists Nook in Fort Collins, Colorado? Wait til you see what I have lined up for August in addition to Art Unraveled...summer's almost here and after AZ, I'll be heading East for two weeks (more to come soon)...Put your art thinkin' caps on..go make something. Now.


Fiona said…
Wow, there is no where any where near here to get such gorgeous patterned papers! What a lovely selection. Love the caran d'ache crayons too. Perhaps my most favourite art thing at present. And to be able to get paint in such large tubs.....wonder if it counts as carry on luggage if we visit the Minnesota in laws next year?
Kelly Kilmer said…
:) The paints come in smaller jars. I just loved the impact of BIG containers LOL
Anonymous said…
Hey girl, gosh your papers look soooo lucious.... Love your posts, very inspiring. Miss ya, hopefully I'll come to your class next weekend. Fingers crossed... Creatively, Tammie

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