SATURDAY: Small Sampling of Kelly's Favorite Art Books (while she is teaching at Stampers Warehouse in Danville). I can't get the photos to load from this computer!! I am sorrry!! Also, for those of you that went to the John Copeland page (Tasha!) HA!! I am sorry LOL They changed the first picture!! OMG!!! LOL!!

Things went AWESOME at Stampers Warehouse (It's Friday night and I'm posting this!!!). LOVE LOVE LOVE that store. I'm too tired to post more but today was a great day-thanks everyone! Looking forward to Saturday's class!!

Not a book, but a favorite DVD from a favorite comic book artist, David Mack.

David Mack has long been one of those rare artists that when I see a new comic I will buy it solely for the cover art that has his style on it. What I love best about the DVD is not only do you get to see Mack going through and talking about his process/style and why he does what he does but it's a really in depth behind the scenes look at an amazing artist. He gives whole new meaning to the label: Mixed Media. This guy does it all. Even if you are not a comic book "Fan" or "afficiando" run out to get this DVD. It will truly inspire you.


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