Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tristan and I are here in Braintree, MA now. The flight was fine, albeit bumpy and full, but what can ya do? Longgggggg flight from Phoenix to Providence, RI...but we are here and that is fine.
No pictures til my sister lets me borrow her digital.
Walked into my parents' living room and found boxes and boxes from Nova Paints and some supplies from Dick Blick and Impact Images waiting for me. EEEK!! I spent almost 4 hours today siphoning paint into squeeze bottles-what a pain in the ass. I could only do the primary colors and they were all in gallons but not bottles, gallon buckets ARGH! So that was a pain. Next time I need to ask if they will sell them to be in bottles....It took me over an hour to put them into smaller containers. It's done now and I'm happy ;)
Pictures and more fun stuff soon...It's 4 in the afternoon & shower time now LOL
We're off to Rubber Chicken store tomorrow in MD...We expect to get into MD around 2 am...I teach Friday at 1...

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Michelle McGee said...

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday!