Monday, July 03, 2006

Not much to say at the moment...

It just feels hot, humid and sticky.

Am quite annoyed at the moment with someone on a yahoo list who feels the need to respond to every single freaking post...and then when I respond (or someone else) she has to point out that "we obviously have no idea what we are talking about..." ARGH. Don't people have better things to do with their time??

Was hoping to go to Pasadena today and visit the various stores (ahem, the ones w/ AC LOL) but hubby wants to go towards Santa Monica where it is much cooler. LOL When you don't have AC in the home or in the car, you're miserable this time of year ;)

Been working in my journal a is a page I did last night. I traced over a magazine ad face...also used the hands & flower & stem from Anahata's book Spare Parts Volume 1. I HIGHLY recommend her books if you love colorful, intriguing and just plain amazing journal pages and creative eye candy....


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majamom said...

Hi ((KELLY)))
Oh, I am hoping i can make the journey from Joshua Tree to your classes this coming weekend!
I have been so busy getting my new blog up and running, that i have only created one tiny thing! in over 6 weeks.
Do come by and say hello and let me know if you are looking for any items in particular.
Hey, dont let some list commenter absorb any of your precious energy.
THere are sadly lots of folks out there who live for conflict-and if there isnt any-they create it .
Im off to peek at your new pages! =)