Well, I just found out that my car needs a new engine. They're not letting it pass the smog test.
Sooooo in honor of that and since I don't have the money to buy a "new" car, I'm going to have a big online garage sale.
If anyone is looking for anything in particular, please email me directly
I'll be selling original art (postcards, books and more), books, magazines, stamps, grabbags and more...
All money going directly to help buy Kelly a new engine for her car. (Hey, if anyone has had any experience with this drop me an email too as I'd love to hear). We are thinking of buying what is called a "young Japanese engine" as I guess the Japanese only drive their cars til they hit 25 -30,000 miles and then get rid of them. That is the best option $$ for us.
Thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said…
Hi kelly,
Still sad that you couldn't make it down to teach this week but as it turns out I would have had to cancel since some of my Kidney stones started to leave yesterday. Mucho dolor! Last Thursday I had a bigger than 1 cm kidney stone blasted into little particles and they are finally coming out. Yea!

Hey, what did you use to write on this page?

Can't wait to take your color class on May 7th. Something to look forward to. Have been working in the books I have made in your classes and having fun when not in pain.

Today was pain free - Yea! This too will pass.

majamom said…
I hope you bring some of your goodies to class to sell!

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