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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Solstice

A man at the Post Office asked if I was Santa Claus. My arms were full of boxes and envelopes ready to mail. If you have ordered anything from me, it is on its way as of 2 p.m. PST today. I have been an insanely busy elf between my self published book orders (still available with the bonus goodies), my journals (a few are left) and my grab boxes (sold out.) If I haven't said it enough times, thank you. My heart is full.

I have been working hard to get everything in the mail, posted and scheduled. I am hoping to post my Northern California classes for late January tomorrow. We have been having computer problems so hopefully it will be resolved so that I can get the information out to you.

I am hoping to find the time before Christmas to go to see the Van Gogh paintings that are at the Huntington as well as the Norton Simon. I have been wanting to go for months and I need to make the time before the exhibits close. Amazing how time passes so quickly no matter what we are doing.

I finished reading War and Turpentine while doing laundry today (little moments of time gleaned.) It was a good read. The war parts were more than the art parts but such was his grandfather's life. I can see why the New York Times put it on the Book of the Year List. I am not sure what book I will choose from my piles to read next but I will post about it soon. This has definitely been the Year of the Art Book (at least for me! Most of what I have read has been art related.)

I am hoping to get all of my work done before Friday. I want to take a (much needed) mini vacation and recharge my batteries. I am hoping for days of art, reading, walking and quiet. We are staying home this Christmas for various reasons. I am hoping for a bit of peace during that time.

It has been an insanely busy year, probably the busiest that I have ever been (between doctors, care taking and trying to keep my family sane and afloat.) I did not have the time to put up our Christmas tree this year. That said, I have my little family. What else could I truly need?

Happy Solstice to you.

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Brian Kasstle said...

Wishing you Happy Solstice! Here is to a happy healthy, prosperous 2017 for us all!