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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Doing the Work

This is my favorite page from my An Artist's Study Journal. I think. I also really like this one and this one and... 

Not every page is a favorite nor should they be. Yet, there are pages that stand out and grab me. I remember how I felt, where I was and what it is about them that shook me to my core. These are my favorite pages and to make them, I have to make countless other pages. This is something that I wish we would all remember. We need to do the work.

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Caterina Giglio said...

You are so right about that, not everyone is a favorite, and we MUST do the work..
A Big Thank you, for your kind support, Kelly, I appreciate it!

redondowriter said...

You amaze me with your creativity and tenacity in spite of your husband's illness. I love all 3 pages you linked to.

Kristina W said...

Man, I so adore your perspective, Kelly. This is it.

Some pages, I'm like "Eh", and some pages I'm just "Wow". For me, I'm seeing that it comes down to the emotions I was feeling, and how that got expressed on the page. The honesty. That's the wow factor, whether I like the outcome or not.

The ones I'm all "Eh" are more when I try to grasp at the "pretty". But, even in that process, I learn so much about myself. The ones where I'm grasping for what I consider "pretty", well, sometimes it's just practice, and sometimes, it's showing me where I'm insecure. I have a default perfectionism button that gets pushed when I'm anxious, and those pages show me where I'm at, at that point. It helps me grow and get more honest, because I don't like that feeling of not connecting in my journal anymore.

It's all learning and growing, and my art journal captures all of it.

And, no, not everything will be a favorite. How can they be? It's kind of the point of favorites, yeah?

Sharmon Davidson said...

Yep, I absolutely agree. Picasso said (I'm paraphrasing here) that their is such a thing as inspiration, but it has to find you working. True words. My favorite art instructor in college, Tina Tammaro, said, "Art comes from the making." Your work always amazes me; I can't believe they're journal pages and not "finished" works. I would frame them. And thank you for including my blog in your list of favorites - so kind of you!