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Monday, August 19, 2013

Why I'm Not Using My White Uniball Signo Pen Anymore

See the white marks on her face? I used a white Uniball Signo pen on the opposite page. I left it open to dry (as I always do) and it was fine the first couple of days. Over the next few days, the white started to wipe off onto the page next to it (this one.) I've noticed it in all of my journals where I used the Uniball pen. I don't seal my pages with anything. Ever.

I've been using the white Sakura Glaze or Souffle pen and I'm perfectly happy with using either of them. (You only need one! They both look the same. Just make sure it's not the clear Glaze pen. The white pen writes clear and dries white. The lid is the one that is most opaque.) They write on a variety of surfaces (including paint and tape.) They are permanent when they dry. Like all gel pens, make sure you're not too heavy handed. The ink should just flow from the pen.)

More on white pens here.  
Other pen information here (yes, I know it needs an update. I hope to do that very soon.)


Laure Janus ~ Little Joys Studio said...

Kelly, I've noticed the same thing and it's really annoying. I wonder if they've changed the formula because I don't remember it "spotting" before. I'll have to try your suggestions, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yuk. And I am sorry to hear that. I loved the Uniball. And now off to get a souffle or glaze pen. Thanks for the alert.

Like I need an excuse to get a new pen........

Rachel from Colorado

Maryjo Mcgraw said...

HMMM I have never had this problem......I do use Micro Glaze over some of my pages though

gypsy said...

The white uniball is brilliant on black/dark/weird surfaces but my two simply stopped working {just used on regular paper, no gunk} and now this... I will stick with my trusty gellyrolls. I adore them to bits.

Kelly Kilmer said...

@Gypsy you probably are using the American version of the pen. It dries up VERY quickly and without warning even when it looks quite full. The Japanese version lasts a lot longer (usually until it's empty!)
I love Glaze and Souffle. They write on almost everything. Gellyrolls are temperamental and only write on paper but they are pretty! :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

@MaryJo I don't like to seal my pages. Chalk it up to laziness (as one factor.) The other is instant gratification. I work fast and by the time I'm done with one page, I am ready to move onto the next. No time for sealing. ;)

Sandy said...

I bought a new one a month ago. It layed flat on my desk and when I tried to use it the ink would skip and that's writing on regular paper in my journal. So annoying! I use the white Souffle pen now too. It's almost time to order a new set and I wish they'd make new colors for us fans.