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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Favorite White Pens

21 December 2012 Journal Page

I left the page above as is with the white smudge marks (from using a Uniball signo on the page next to it) on it to talk about white pens.

My favorite white pens in order are:


Sakura Glaze #850 (not to be confused with the transparent white capped pen which is actually a clear pen number #800) and Sakura Souffle #950- As I've mentioned before, Glaze is a Gloss finish while the Souffle pens are a matte finish. However, with their white pens, it is very hard to see the difference between them. They are both an opaque white when dry. In my opinion, either the Glaze or Souffle white are the best white pen on the market. They dry (somewhat) fast. They're opaque. They write on a variety of surfaces (dried painted pages, slick magazine pages, tape, transparencies, even glass.) As long as you keep them capped and stored flat, they will last you a long time (you can take that little plastic goober off of the tip and discard it.) If the ink starts to go towards the other end of the pen, don't be afraid to give it a few good, hard shakes. Both pens write clear but dry an opaque white.


Update September 2013: Molotow One4All Water Based Paint Markers-I LOVE these markers! They make a GREAT opaque white available in (my favorite) extra fine tip point. You can also change the tips (they're available in different sizes) as well as refill the pens! These also will write on a variety of surfaces (paper, dried painted pages, slick magazine pages, tape, transparencies.)
(Tip: to clean out the tips when they get crusty, rinse them under hot water or use nail polish remover.)

Sharpie Paint Pen (water based)-These pens come in a variety of different colors and tip sizes. You have to shake them (always with the cap on, especially if it's new) and pump the tip a few times on scrap paper to get the ink flowing. The problem with the white pen is that over time the white ink tends to separate and no amount of shaking or storing it flat will get it to its former opaque glory again.  It is a nice, opaque white pen while it lasts. I tend to buy them one at a time and not in bulk.
These also will write on a variety of surfaces (paper, dried painted pages, slick magazine pages, tape, transparencies.)

Pilot Latte Pens- It's a gel pen that's very similar to the Sakura Glaze and Souffle pens. The difference is the colors and the fact that the pens as well as the tip sizes are TINY. I can't tell you how much I LOVE these pens. I have mine kept in their own special case and I don't leave home without them. The white both writes clear and dries white. If stored correctly (flat and capped) they last a LONG time. The pen will write clear but dry to an opaque white.

To see the colors of the Lattes, click here.

Update September 2013: These pens have been (sadly) discontinued. 

Uniball Signo white gel pen- I started using these several years ago when they first came to the U.S. I loved how vibrant and crisp the pens were and cheap, too. About $2 a pen. I recommended them to everyone I came across. They were a great pen. I recommend buying the Japanese version of the pen (with the Japanese characters sold by Jetpens and Kinokuniya) and NOT the American version as the U.S. version of the pen dries out/runs out/stops working very very quickly while the Japanese version will last you until it's out of ink. Also, they are NOT permanent (see the white smudge marks on the page above? I used a white uniball signo on the page across from it and it smudged onto the page.) It is a nice opaque white but it's not permanent nor can you paint or use any wet mediums on top of it. Once Sakura came out with white pens in the glaze and souffle, I tended to lean towards those instead.

Remember, always store your pens FLAT and keep the caps on them when you're not using them. 

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Jetpens. I'm not receiving any compensation (in any form) for linking to them. I am just a happy customer who has been ordering from them for years. Another favorite source for pens (somewhat local to me) is Kinokuniya in Downtown Los Angeles (it's a chain across the U.S.) 

What are your favorite white pens? 


Monica said...

I have had NO luck with any Sakura pens of any sort. They leak and do not write after a few weeks. They are also are very quick to run out, that is the ones left that have not leaked. I love Uniball. They appear to last a long time and i have had no problem with them smudging. The white color is great. I also have tried Pentel Gel and Ranger. Pentel are not as good as Uniball, as they do not work on many different surfaces.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Monica, I suggest emailing the company about it. They may replace them. I have had that happen with some of my class pens but I have yet to have it happen with my personal pens and I use the Glaze and Souffle daily. I go through the pink glaze like it's going away. I LOVE the pens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I thought I was crazy in not loving the uni signo. Smudges and skips a lot with me. Also I thought I was doing something wrong with my white Sharpie poster. I have had two and both stop writing white after a while. So it really is NOT me!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for this, Kelly. I thought my problem with the white poster paint sharpie was unique and stopped using it. My white Unibals have always worked splendidly but I will go back and check for smudges now.

Cheryl said...

My problem with the Souffle pens is when I have used them on my paintings on canvas. I spray a clear gloss finish on my paintings. The Souffle pens do not retain their colour under the varnish. Otherwise, I love them. I haven't really used the white though.

Connie said...

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. It is always nice to get a perspective before putting out my hard earned cash.
Happy St. Patty's Day.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Connie Rose said...

Hi Kelly -- don't know if you got my email last week, I'm a newbie to you and will take one of your online classes very soon.
Re: white pens, the Japanese Uniball Signo is available at Scrapbook.com. I've been using one I got from Dick Blick, and after some use it has gotten skippy.
I have a Deco Acrylic marker and a Permapaque marker, both in white, enroute from Blick now. I think Sharpies are overrated -- I love the colors but the inks run out very quickly and/or the nibs deteriorate.
I'll let you know how the two new (to me) white pens work.

Kelly Kilmer said...

@Connie Rose,
Sorry, no, I didn't receive your email.
Scrapbook.com has the uniball signo for $3.70 vs Jetpens has it for $2.50.
I don't like the tips on the permapaque or deco pens. I prefer the extra fine tips on the Sharpie water based paint pens. I don't think they're overrated as long as they work and the white pen is the only one that I have problems with. The nibs should last a long time as long as you're not pressing really hard (I have many students who have a tendency to be very hard with their pens, writing/pressing hard onto the paper as they write) or writing on a very textured surface.
I have tried some of the other white paint pens on the market and so far the Water based Sharpie paint pens are my favorite.
Thanks for stopping by!!