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Monday, April 09, 2012

1 April 2012 Journal Page

Here's another page from my new journal. I'm having a lot of fun working in this book so far! It was a struggle when I started but I'm letting loose with it and enjoying the journey.

Thanks, folks, for leaving comments on my Pulse post from yesterday. Remember, the contest is still open if you're interested in winning a copy of Seth's new book. All you have to do is to leave a comment on Sunday's post.


Some quick housework:

My online class, Journey Within, is in full swing. Remember that it's work at your own pace so you can join any time. More info here. Folks sure look like they're having fun with it! I had a great time making my sample journal for the class and I always love seeing what others do with the class ideas

I have several new local classes planned this month. Three are this weekend (L.A., So Pasadena and Simi Valley.) More info can be found here. I hope to see YOU there. Samples are in the store and online.

Plans are under way for a NEW 2 day class in the L.A. and No CA area this summer. Stay tuned for more info. And yes, paint WILL be involved.


I haven't posted some BLOG LOVE in awhile, so here goes:

Marissaland (found via Uppercase) Her zines look like fun so I ordered them (I'm a sucker for fun zines!)

Color Envy over at A Creative Mint

Finding Inspiration via Joy the Baker

I love Kenneth Patchen. Have I mentioned that before?

Inspiring workplaces here, here and really awesome messy ones here.

Why Creative People Need Multiple Outlets

Very interesting article on Cryptoscatology

Sadly, the Pickford building (aka the writers building) was destroyed but there are still 3 historic film buildings left to save. More here.


Michelle Gregory said...

lovely journal page. great article about creative outlets. and i'm now following Creative Mint. thanks.

Jan said...

Kelly, you say you are struggling with this journal. I'd love to know about your struggles. How are you pushing yourself with this one? You seem to set up challenges with each new journal. Perhaps you'll share that process with us?

Autumn Hathaway said...

Wonderful page Kelly. I can't imagine you having trouble working on any page.

Samantha Kira said...

*G* I love that you've got paint going on! It's funny, because I'm sitting here playing in my journal with "dry" supplies, and you've gone wet!

Also, I have a little extra funds this week: I wanted to get a Pentel pocket brush and maybe one or two more others from Jet Pens. What do you recommend?

<3, k.

Kelly Kilmer said...

How're you feeling? Better, I hope!

I'm only going wet for a wee bit...folks keep asking for paint so I'm going back with this journal. ;)

Do you have the latte pens? Those are my favorites. I also like the new Zig cocoiro kuretake pens. Hope that helps! LOVE the pentel pocket brush pen.

Funny as I ordered from JetPens last week and am now patiently waiting. :D