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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Favorite Transparent Printed Text Tapes

I've blogged about tape several times over the last seven years:

My Essential Tape Rolls
Where to Find Tape a.k.a. The Decorative Tape Post

Above is a photo of my favorite transparent printed TEXT tapes. I use these a LOT and I rarely leave home without one tucked into a bag. I am always on the lookout for new transparent printed text tapes to add to my stash.

The tapes that I mention (as you can see above) are a plastic, see through tape. They are not the washi tapes (which I also love). These are like taking a roll of clear packing tape and having text printed on it. They are luscious and yummy to layer.

Recently, a reader (thanks, Emie!) gave me a heads up as to where to find the O Check tape. Sure, it pops up every now and then on etsy, but my favorite vendor to order it from disappeared. O Check lists both tapes on their website but they list the script tape as sold out.

Romantic Pink has both O Check tapes in stock:
and the prices are good!

Tapeswell has a large roll of printed transparent tape called Old Script. It's yummy and available here. (fyi, Tapeswell has extended a 15% off of your entire purchase (minimum $10) to readers of my blog if you use the coupon code KELLY when ordering.)

The only tape that I don't have a source for any longer, as it's been discontinued is the pink Prima Marketing tape. I wish that they hadn't discontinued their tape as it is some of my favorite.

The good news is that it looks like tape is becoming even more popular now! I found (via Ali Edwards' blog) that KI Memories has some printed TEXT tape coming out soon (if it hasn't come out already.)
I love layering transparent printed tapes onto:
Focal Images
Background papers
Other tapes
and much, much more!

Has anyone heard of any other companies that have NEW transparent printed TEXT tapes (letters or numbers) coming out any time soon?


Anonymous said...

Not transparent, but Cosmo Cricket seems to have some number tape and an alphabet tape ... black with white lettering ... BOLD font. Looks good!

MarleneMAZ said...

I love that pink text tape too and only have 1 roll of it :( Maybe if enough people requested it they would bring it back..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recs. I am a big time MT tape collector, but new designs have not reached the US in a long long time (sigh). This past xmas, in a wretched fit of MT tape withdrawal, I scoured ETSY for vendors based in Japan. Alas, a vendor took pity on me, and sold me some of her stash.
My stroke of good luck was short lived though, because the ETSY vendor decided to close shop. I have to say, the shipping charges from Japan were horrifyingly high, but it was sure wonderful to open up that hot little package from Japan on xmas day.....nothing better than getting 6 delectable MT tapes from santa.

Kelly, you have turned me on to lots of amazing supplies over the years, but the tape selections you have shared....well, this hot little art supply will soon result in a bon fide membership in a 12 step recovery program for decorative tape addicts.

Valentine's day is up...and well, your latest tape recommendations will go on my "to buy" for valentine's list. I wish there was a registry system (like there is for weddings) for art supply addicts like me. Can you just see it now: friends and family could buy me (for special occasions/achievements like birthdays, successful shedding of a fat roll on my waist, successfully dumping a toxic boyfriend, xmas, etc)items like sharpie pens for $1.09 all the way up to tubes of Harding oil paint (from the UK) for $150 for a tube of rare oil paint. Good lord!!!

I guess, the art supply addiction is better than my previous addiction to hostess pies and cupcakes. At least it's less fattening, and for that, Kelly, I am truly grateful to you for substituting my addiction from fat and sugar to tape, and glorious pens and paper. Yum.

PS: I hear Dick Blick is having a 20% off sale tomorrow. COPIC markers, Golden fluid acrylics....here I come!!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Melanie, thanks! I'll check it out!

Marlene, that would be nice! You used to be able to search the prima site for tape and now none if it is coming up. Boo! Hiss!

Alexandra, :) I'm glad I can help ;) Have you ordered from Washimatta? She is in Japan. Also Ginko Papers in So CA. They are my two favorite washi tape vendors. A heads up: washimatta has New tape that I hope to blog about after I receive my order. There is more coming out that I will link to her as soon as she has it. :) I agree! A universal art wishlist would be lovely! Cheers!!

Emie58 said...

Thanks for the tips Kelly... I placed an order from Tapeswell just now!

Cat said...

Thanks, Kelly--just placed orders with Tapeswell and (what was it?) Romantic Pink? Anyways, have $40.00 of tape heading in my direction and I couldn't be happier!! (Not to mention the orders for mixed media supplies and scrapbook supplies from Scarlet Lime, Stop & Scrap and Scrapbook.com!! Oh my--I've ordered so much stuff I can't remember it all now. I have to start replacing my rub-on supply since mine all seemed to dry out and not transfer--I didn't know they had an expiration date!! If you get a chance, let me know which ones you think are the best!!

Ardor71 said...

I have been going NUTS trying to find decorative tape that is not lame. I can't believe no one sells it here really...I've looked all over and it just makes me want to go to Japan..they have so much of it there its huge there!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

There are several companies that sell it in the states like Ginko Papers and Tapeswell. One of my most favorite vendors is still in Japan: Washimatta.

From what I've heard, stay tuned for a boatload of tape coming soon from various scrapbook and stamp companies. CHA had a ton of it (I was told.)

I have a huge post on my blog on decorative tape and where to find it. :)


Isolina Perez said...

Dear Kelly
I wanted to thank you again for a weekend of journaling bliss. I had so much fun!!!! I'm already on the hunt for my favorite tapes.


Ps still can't find the script tape the thin one