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Friday, February 13, 2009

Where to find decorative tape

I've posted where to find tape before, but since it's a frequently asked question, I thought I'd post again!
The sad thing is, this isn't half of what I have. Addiction, anyone?
If you want tape just for you-

Go to ebay, google or etsy. Type in kawaii tape, japanese tape, decorative tape, packing tape, packaging tape, cute tape-everything you can possibly think of to describe tape. LOTS of stuff comes up. Seriously.

Tapeswell-a brand new company whom I LOVE!! They sell retail and wholesale. I LOVE their tape. Their label tape is awesome too. I used their tape on my journal page here:

From Japan with Love is one of my most favorite vendors/sources

as is RetroNana in Shanghai another one of my favorite vendor/sources

Some other sites including wholesale sites-

Accoutrements tape (Devil duckie, cowboy, cat, Jesus, Bacon, and a few more) google accoutrements tape-lots of places sell them.

NPW in England is the manufacturer of the zipper, barbed wire, chain, bullet, daisy and some more tape.

Around the Block has COOL tape

Lace tape in b & w-takes a few weeks though


checkered color tape


French co: Shut up, wood tape, python tape,tinsel tape

Babosarang I *wish* I could order from this company

The Tape Depot
-custom made tape and more! Not sure about the prices though!! Any site where you have to ask makes me leery!

Fancy That!
-rolls available single or double variety packs

10x10-type in tape

In L.A., Soap Plant/wacko sells tape-woo hoo! They are in the store, under the paper racks in little baskets.

Flair Designs-they call it 'ribbon style paper trim'

Hambly has stickers that are tape like
-I LOVE their products

Making Memories also has stickers that are tape like-very fun!

Design within Reach has also sold really cool masking tape in their stores and online from time to time. The company they carry is called mt masking tape. DWR carries three different kinds-the two packs of 10 with different colors and the multi pack of 20 thin tapes.


Amy said...

Kelly, your pages are so great! I make it a point to view your blog often. Also, thanks for the info re: tape along with others you've indicated along the way. It is so helpful for us amateurs!

trish said...

thanks I love tape:)
I have been SO neglecting my art journal (and I don't know why, it does help me feel better, gets my feelings out on paper) but I've saved the PAD list so I can get back to it!!
hope all is well with you

ghussenjian said...

Also check out Ginko Papers. They have both the decorative tapes and the Japanese colored masking tapes in great designs!