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Friday, January 09, 2009

journal pages from January 7th

still not feeling up to par. Bah! I hate being sick. Enough of that.

My online class is in full swing. We are on day #10 (I list the prompts a day in advance so that people can do them at their own leisure). I love love love seeing what people do with the ideas. It's actually three classes in one since each day there are three prompts: Painting, Collage and journaling. So, it's not just a journaling class, it's a class to give you different ideas that you can take and use to make anything-an altered book, collage, atcs, etc... It's a class where you're not only learning mixed media paint techniques and different ways to layer acrylic paint, but it's also a design and composition class where different ways to collage are taught. It's a journaling class where I give you ideas to pick up the pen and write! It's a class that's designed to have you creating something daily. It's geared towards any level-beginner to advanced. I really do believe that everyone is an artist, that in some way, we're all creative. My goal with the class is to get people art journaling and makin' something. I won't be posting the journal pages that I created for the class on the blog (sorry), but if you take the class, they are all there and you will get a file from me with the prompts and the artwork. I love seeing the pages and the art that everyone is making from the ideas. It's what art is all about-take the idea, make it your own and share what you've made. Woo hoo! Go art! There is more info here if you're interested. :)

I use my journal pages for so many things. My journal is my safe place. It's where I can talk, vent and share what is going on in my head. 99.99% of what I make is in book form-art journal form. I pour everything into this little book, these pages... What you see is what you get, what you see is me. I love the This is my Truth page, because it really is-my art is my truth. I use my journal as a means of communication, expression and a capacious hold all. Sometimes I get a lot of shit for what I say, but you know what? It's my book. My art. My truth and I know I'm not alone. MY journal that I choose to share with you, so you can get a glimpse into my little universe. Thanks for being there.


Christy said...

Are you kidding me? Like what? People wanting to hack away at your views? Or that there is just too much reality in your art? Bah on that! I so love the 'truth' and honesty in your art. I would be very disappointed to find anything less when visiting your site. Oh, and the class just RoCkS!

Artzy Diva said...

Awesome new journal pages! The focal images are great. The class is wicked pissa too ;) I am loving every minute of it. Feel 100% better soon!!!!!

Sandy said...

I second that....all of that. You go girl. Speak your truth. It's your journal and you should be able to say what you want about what you want. I truly believe that.

I love these pages, along with all of your pages. That's why I took your class and long to take an in person class. Because you speak what you feel and it's your truth. I value honesty and I feel you are always honest in your art.

Keep doing what you do best Kelly, don't ever let anyone hold you back. You are making a difference in so many people's lives.

Kelly Kilmer said...

I feel like Goofy:

"awww, shucks..."


Auntie Karen said...

You are amazing! Having you as a teacher is a true gift in my life, really. You are an inspiration. Please keep us in the loop with your art.

lynne h said...

i love both of these pages kelly... but then, i'm loving all of your pages these days... A LOT.

thinking about you today as israel says they will step up their attacks... peace, peace, peace...