Art Books, Original Paintings, Painted Journals Now Available

SOME of the books from my personal library that I need to downsize. More here. 

Painted Books
Each book is approximately 4 1/2" x 6" 
(page size varies in each journal)

a minimum of 10 pieces of a variety 
of painted paper (equals 40 pages/sides)
MOST pages in the books are painted
No two are alike!
Yes, they are from paintings as well as palette pages
These can be used as mini journals, sketchbooks, or diaries. 
You can even take them apart and use the painted pages as beginnings for new work (yes, a collaboration between you and me!)
I've used them as books to collage in, add painted or drawn images to, as well as write in.
They fit in your pocket!

**Tell me your favorite colors 
and I will choose a book for you!**

How Many Journals would you like? Pick a color(s), please.  
Tell me your favorite color (or colors!)
Painted Journals

I am a working artist. Your support keeps a roof over my family's head, food on our table and the bills paid. Your support will also enable me to create new work in the coming year. I've been very lucky to have been teaching and creating for over 25 years and I hope to continue teaching, sharing and creating for many more years to come. So, from the bottom of my heart,






Collage Grab Bag Envelopes-SOLD OUT  

Once these are gone, I will not be making them for quite some time. They are extremely limited! I've filled a flat rate USPS priority mail envelope with collage material: focal images, scrapbook pages, magazine and book pages, etc... 

These envelopes take me several weeks to make, not including the time spent searching and buying the materials inside. These are treasures from all over the world. They truly are a curated collection.

This is all from my personal stash. If you like my art journaling/collage work, you will love these envelopes! 

What I Gathered

On the Limb of an Oak






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