Thursday, November 21, 2019

Postcards from France

I’ve brought home some treasures from the Banks of the Seine, the streets of Paris and the fields of Southern France! 

I want to offer you a chance to purchase my vintage French offerings.

Before I set off on my European adventure, I decided that I would seek one specific treasure in my travels: vintage handwritten postcards in beautiful French script. 

It took me a week to find what I was searching for in the south of France. I was teaching at La Cascade in Durfort. Our group wanted to find treasures to bring back home. Our host, Nese, helped to send us in the direction of the markets. We found our way to a field, our first brocante! We wandered past tables and wares, what could have almost passed for an ordinary American flea market at first glance. Then, I saw them. A large box of postcards. I tried not to lose my cool. I didn't look at the front of the postcards at all. All I wanted was I had been dreaming about, French handwriting, the script on the back. I made piles and bought as much as I could afford. I may have walked out of the field clutching the papers close to my heart. 

The next two batches were found in Paris. David and I wandered up and down the banks of the Seine. Most of the vendors were closed in the middle of the week under a blazing summer sun but a few were open and had wonderful old books, calendars, papers and trinkets. My eyes were wide open searching. There! A woman was selling them in one stall. I carefully picked my favorites (again, looking for the most delicious script I could find.) 

A couple of days later, David and I were wandering the streets and stumbled upon a cinema poster shop. Being film fans, the posters in the window called to us. We walked in and there they were, two boxes on a table. More treasures awaiting us.

I packed my wares carefully in brown waxed paper and then in a plastic sleeve to protect them. I put them in my carry-on and trekked all from the South of France to Berlin to Amsterdam, to Paris, then London and across the Atlantic to New York before finally arriving home in Los Angeles. Now, I'm offering them to you.

If you've ordered my self published books or cards, you know the high quality of these sheets. I love my local printshop! 

Here's how you can order your own high resolution scans:

FORTY-FOUR vintage French postcards!
19 sheets (the above 11 SHEETS/44 vintage French postcards), you will also receive: A VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE EIGHT PAGE OFFERING: HANDWRITTEN IN FRENCH FROM 1792! (EIGHT pages and not shown above, after all, it wouldn't be a surprise then!)


19 Print At Home Pages of all of the above as a PDF FILE ONLY $25:



Interested in physical, printed copies? Email and I'll see what I can do.

Questions? Please email me at

Please note that these are US shipping prices. For those of you outside of the US who are interested, please drop me an email and I will find out the price of postage for your country. 

Remember, these collage sheets are full color, high quality, 8 1/2 x 11". You'll also receive a link to a PDF file of these sheets so you can download them and have them forever.

Please note, I'm a one woman business and will respond to emails/orders within 24 hours (sometimes 48, if I'm on the road teaching.)

Merci beacoup!

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