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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who's Got the Button?

Some people wear their heart on their sleeves. Other folks cover their cars in bumper stickers. Then there are peeps like me who love buttons. 

I've collected buttons since I was a kid. I think one of my first buttons that I ever bought with my own money was The Monkees (on their reunion tour in 1986.) In the early 90's my buttons were my favorite cartoons, Pee Wee Herman and hair bands. 

Now I pin a wider variety of things that I love: art, authors, tv shows, books, etc... Star Trek (my Bones pin makes me very happy), Doctor Who (I was so happy to find a pin of Peter Capaldi), Ray Harryhausen, Ms Marvel, Twin Peaks, Agents of Shield and Crimson Peak pins are my current favorites.

I really wish that I could find more buttons of my favorite artists, old tv shows (I really need buttons of David Janssen and David Carradine) and film (Orson Welles, Buster Keaton, Vincent Price, 2001 and French New Wave pins, where are you?!) 

A few years ago at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, Arizona, Tristan and I took a class on button making. We had a blast. He designed buttons based on cartoons he loved and things he drew. It was such a fun night for  us and we still have the buttons. 

One of these days I may have to break down and finally buy my own button maker. 

What do you collect?

(The title of this post was inspired, not by the children's game but rather by a book about The Monkees.)


Kristina W said...

Old books. Antique, vintage - those beautiful old books with their superior bindings and gorgeous covers. I just can't imagine the books produced today would stand the test of time the way these do.

Children's books, too. My favorites are the older Golden books, and those illustrations that were obviously influenced by Mary Blair. They just make me happy. Our Friends of the Library is a surprisingly wonderful source for old books. They get them pretty often, and all books cost the same - anything from 50 cents to $2.00.😊Yeah for no marked up prices! Makes it a collectable I can afford to collect on ny itty-bitty budget.

Kelly Kilmer said...

I love kids' books, too! Sometimes you can find ones in great condition (though not always) and excellent prices at kids' thrift stores. :) I haven't bought any in awhile but I love them and have a small collection myself. <3