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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Survey (Says!)

I've always been a teacher who wants to fill my classes with as much information and as many ideas that I feel my students need to know in a particular class/session. I always try to give as much as possible in and out of my classes. I value my students' time and hard earned money. As an artist, I tend to fill my journals very quickly. As an instructor, this has me believing that most folks want classes that involve making a book and then filling it. In the last few years, I've been rethinking that. 

I'm asking for your input. If you've taken a class, are you more interested in making a book and then learning how to fill it or would you rather bring a book (or paper) to class and spend the class time working and filling multiple pages? If you've taken my classes and have any advice or thoughts, I'd love to hear. You can leave comments or email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

As I start to plan my Fall and Winter schedule, I appreciate your time and help in this matter. I always appreciate feedback as it helps me to grow and become a better instructor. Thank you in advance!


Crzy Boss said...

I would rather bring a book that I have made in one of your previous classes and add to that. I would love to actually fill one someday! I have a few that are only partially completed.

Sherri Bristol said...

I loved making the book during your class at Blue Twig Studio in Colorado Springs. It was quick and easy. It also gave us ideas for future book projects. It was done so quickly that we still had plenty of time to "play" inside the book.

marcy said...

I always like to make a book....or the deck of cards. I use the collage part as more of an alone, meditation time and rare get many pages done in class.......tho I do like to do some in class to get the tips and prompts from you that oush me a bit.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty torn on this one: (sorry, Kel) On one hand, I too, have a few "partially completed" books and so enjoy bringing said books to classes in hopes of completing more pages. On the other hand, I agree with Marcy that collage/art journaling/altered booking/etc is often an "alone time" thing and hard to crank out under the constraints of time.

Kate Burroughs said...

I like making a book and filling a few pages in a workshop. Making a different style book than what I already know how to do is good but not critical to choosing to take a class. Making pages with new techniques is also fun but not required. I do have a ton of materials that I don't delve into often. I have not developed the collage daily habit, yet.
Aloha, Kate

Teresa R said...

I am also torn on this. I enjoy making the book, but then only a few pages are completed. Bringing a book would mean more pages completed but I don't want a lot of pages that are thrown together quickly

Karen said...

Very hard to pick. I love doing both in your classes. If you're gonna make me pick one I'll have to say filling pages. Luckily I know how to make all kinds of books already, thanks to you.

Paula said...

I love the combination, but I am all about loving the process. I am quite happy to continue to work on whatever I make through the next several weeks, or even months. I like to putter! Your handouts are so complete, it's easy to go this route.