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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

25 August 2014 Journal Page

Some folks have told me that they would feel overwhelmed working in a journal of this size. I know that it's easy to feel like that (working small can be difficult for me.) 

I recommend making and exploring working in journals of all different sizes. It makes you think in different ways with each page.
I'm always looking for new ways of exploring my work and stepping out of my comfort zone. This journal did that and so much more for me.

What has pushed you lately?


Kristina W said...

I find that I'll start a new journal, in a new size or new type of paper, and go happily along for awhile. Then I'll come up to the point where I'm sighing, wishing for a new type of paper/journal. But, I really hate not working chronologically (that REALLY drives me nuts), so I've never wanted to have more than 1 journal going at a time. So, I just keep going, until I get close to the end, then jump into a new journal. Rinse, repeat.

Ahhh...just figured it out (love the power of writing things out!). I need to go for less pages in the journals I'm working in. That way the last half isn't drudgery. :-)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Kristina, I am the same way. I prefer to work chronologically as well. I started making journals with less pages in them several years ago when I also had that aha moment that you just had. On average, I have about 8-10 pages in each journal. For me, 8-10 pages is 36-40 sides to work on.