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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Derwent's Graphik Line Painters

Set of 20

Note how in these pictures, I tried the Graphik Paint Liners on both uncoated white paper, black washi tape and handmade paper. 

Graphik Line Painters, you had me at the words paint, opaque, permanent, water based and solvent free. My order from Dick Blick arrived Saturday night and I haven't been able to put them down since. 

They are a very nice compliment to water based Sharpies, Molotow and Montana paint markers. I love the extra fine tip size. The marker also feels good in your hand. Shake. Pump. Shake. You're good to go. Make sure you store them flat and cap them immediately after use as you don't want them to dry out. I am loving the colors. I hope that they sell well so that they'll eventually come out with new colors (always thinking ahead here.) I can never get enough of a good fine tip paint marker.

DO NOT over pump them. They WILL leak. Shake them with the cap on. Pump once or twice until the ink flows. Over pumping will cause them to leak a LOT.

My only beef is that they're not refillable. In this day and age, more pen/marker companies should be coming out with pens that we can refill and change the tips out (kudos to Molotow and Montana for doing so.)

 Black, Pkg of 3
I also bought the Graphik Line Makers. They're a nice, fine tip, water based pigment ink. I honestly don't know if I really "need" them as I have other pens in similar tip sizes and colors that act like these pens do. They are NOT paint markers.

Several of my students on Sunday commented about the packaging. It's fun but honestly, I could care less what the packaging looks like as long as the markers work well. It will probably attract the eye of folks who may not normally pick them up as it is a clever packaging.

Two big thumbs up on the Graphik Line Painters.

A pass on the Graphik Line Makers only because I have too many pens like this already.

If you're in L.A., you can get them at Blue Rooster in Los Feliz (they also have free shipping over $25 in the U.S.)

If you order them online at Blick, be prepared to wait several weeks as shipping is soooo slow (as of this posting 10/20/2014, none of my local Blick stores have them in stock yet.)

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tracey said...

I may be in love with the paint splooshes + blowing thing they showed in the videos.

Seth said...

Thanks, as always, for the review Kelly!

MedicatedMoment said...

I really love these, the colors and coverage are amazing, but there's hardly any actual ink in the pens. They're not even filled half way! They really should have a refill option if they're going to be that stingy with the ink.

Mike Earley said...

I love what they do, but literally every single one, at some point, blows out and drops a 1/4" drop of ink right on my page--and I'm not pumping or anything. It just happens. Makes the markers useless to me. You can't create if it's going to ruin whatever you're working on, almost immediately.

Georgina said...

Agree with Mike Easley. Mine are so unpredictable, or even worse, predictably blobby than they are virtually useless. Shame bacause the ink is superb.