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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday, Tristan!

Happy 17th Birthday to My Favorite Son! Your Father and I love you so much, Tristan. You never stop amazing me with your talent and the things that you come up with. I love watching you grow, learn and become the wonderfully talented and loving young man that you are. I wish you a year full of everything that you love: Lego, DC, comics, cartoons, chia seeds and Oregano's pizza. Happy, happy birthday, Tristan. Love you!

Here's Tristan's latest film that debuted last week. The film has its own original voice cast (he held auditions) and soundtrack. Tristan did everything else.


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Tristan! He is so talented. I can't believe he's already 17. He was in elementary school when we "met" online. I hope he has a wonderful day.

trish quilty said...

I too cannot believe he is already 17 and so talented with his Lego movies. I am sure he knows all about the new Lego movie being released soon.
Happy Birthday Tristan.
ps You have a great Mom!

lynne h said...

oh my gosh, 17 this year! seriously, kelly, it just doesn't seem possible! i wish him a fabulous 17th year... and tell him i said he's one talented human!

Lottie me said...

What a lovely talented son - he has inherited your artistic talents I see.

Sons are wonderful - mine are aged 42 and 37 and they are Gods gifts to us aren't they! And don't sons grow tall? Mine tower above me 6ft 2in and 6ft 6in and when they give me a hug it is the absolute best feeling in the world! And they still say 'Love you Mum' every time they finish a phone call, or a SKYPE or email or in 'real life'. Bliss