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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Visual Inspiration: My Favorite Magazines

I tend to put my visual inspiration habit above all others. I'll go without new clothes and other things before I'll go without picking up a copy of a favorite magazine or a new book that beckons to me. Above is a photo of my favorite "must have" magazines. These are the ones that I buy almost every issue of and that I keep in stacks next to my bed. When you ask me what I subscribe to or what are my essential magazines, these are the cream of the crop!

I have every issue of Uppercase stacked on a shelf next to my bed. I also have everything that they've ever published. It is my absolute most favorite magazine and one that I never fail to devour completely. Their blog and instagram feeds are impressive, too. Inspiration in all things should be the unsaid mantra for this magazine. I have had my eyes opened multiple times by something new that I've found on the pages in Uppercase. If I could only buy one magazine, this would be it. You can't get any better than this magazine! I LOVE Uppercase!

Flow is another magazine that I have to keep myself from licking the pages. When a new issue arrives, I carry it with me until I am done eyeballing each and every page multiple times. I have been looking for a source for multiple non English/international back issues (I know I can order some of the Dutch issues on their site but would love to trade or buy from someone who may be interested in parting with their old copies.) Their third international issue is out and mine is on order! I can't wait! They also have great social media pages (instagram and the like.)

Darling is somewhat new to the scene and I have every print issue they've published except for number one (alas, I was late to the party.) Since I discovered issue number two at Skylight Books in Los Angeles, I've stalked them on their sites to find out when the next issue would be available. Wonderfully written articles coupled with gorgeous photography makes this one a keeper. I've curled up with it in bed multiple times and dogeared (gasp!) pages.

I have almost every issue of The Simple Things. I love the informative articles and the cozy photographs. It comes out monthly and can easily be found at Barnes and Noble. It's just a fabulous celebration of living! 

Mollie Makes Home has only two issues to its name but I have both and find them extremely yummy. Vibrant, full color pages with lots of eye candy sprinkled throughout. You'll get glimpses into artists' lives and studios which makes it worth the price of admission alone for me!

Kolaj is inspiring, informative and chock full of information and inspiration for every artist (even the ones not interested in collage can learn something in this magazine!) I have every issue and love to peruse repeatedly! 

What magazines inspire you?


Art Zest said...

Thank you for the recommendations. I loved Uppercase. A bit out of my price range, but maybe worth a Christmas present to myself.

Art Zest said...

I buy every issue of Art Journaling. I love finding new styles and discovering artists I hadn't heard of.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks for stopping by! That's what my Christmas present is!!!! :) A subscription to Uppercase! Feeds my creative mind very well for the year. :)


Desert Mermaid said...

Flow -- yes! oh my! Another I recently found is called Seeing the Every Day - it's a collection of submitted essays alongside beautiful photographs, very soothing and also inspiring, gorgeous to browse through first, for the images, then go back to and read the personal anecdotes and thoughts/experiences. I can't for the life of remember where I heard about it (a blog) seeingtheeveryday.com

martha brown said...

Can you buy Flow in stores? Or do you have to order it?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Some Barnes and Noble stores carry them. I ordered mine as I haven't seen it at my local store. Shipping isn't that bad and it arrived in a week. I've been telling folks to call their local Barnes and Noble. Ask to speak to the magazine person (there is a person in every store in charge of magazines.) Ask if they carry it and if they don't, to consider it. They will write it down on a list the more folks who call and request it. (I used to work for B and N ordering and this is what we were told to do.)


PaonPlume said...

Thk you for your recommendations. I hope to find them in Quebec city :)