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Friday, October 04, 2013

Thinking in Layers

It's not a secret that I love to layer my journal pages. Folks often ask what they can layer. The answer is anything! Try to think of an infinite number of combinations of any of the following:

Pen work
Tape (real washi layers beautifully producing new color combinations. Paper and deco tapes are also fun to play with.)

Then crack open your journal and start playing. What happens if you layer onto your collaged and stamped (or stenciled or...) lettering upon lettering. What if you color in a part of your collaged page with pen work and then add bits of tape and parts of your stickers? Play with your layers and see what combinations work for you. Every now and then try to push yourself into a combination that isn't exactly your thing and see what happens. Experiment and play to see if you can make it you. 

It's okay to be influenced by those around you. Contrary to some weirdly popular held belief these days that copying isn't good, there is nothing wrong with copying to learn (think of the Old Masters! That's how they did it. They learned and imitated each other and then experimented.) What is wrong is if you keep copying and you don't ever try to let your own voice come through in your artwork. See what others do in their work and try it in your own. Then push the ideas even further. We learn from each other. That's how it should be. Art for the sake of creating.


Emie58 said...

LOVE layers!!! I have been inspired by your work for quite awhile and I think I figured out what about your pages is so pleasing to me.... I love how the entire page works together but it's the writing that I'm drawn to. You seem to have a way of writing a simple, single page "title" that expresses a TON of emotion and feeing.... YOu say a LOT without using many words and I really like that!!

Jane Wetzel said...

gosh I love your style Kelly :)