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Friday, October 18, 2013

Stenciled Pages

The other day I posted about my favorite stencil companies. Desert Mermaid wrote to me and asked if I could show some specific pages where I used my stencils. All of these are very recent pages and only one (the woman with her head down, bottom set, top right) doesn't have a stencil on it.

Top set from left to right, top row first, I used stencils like this:

-butterflies from Retro Cafe colored in with a blue Souffle pen
-Roses (unknown) colored in with a pink Souffle pen
-Layers of stencils (make sure you wait for each layer to dry before adding the next) using XO and heart stencils from Retro Cafe and using various Glaze and Souffle pens from Sakura
-Heart stencil from Stencil Girl on top of my focal image using a black .35 Rapidosketch and a Gold water based Sharpie Paint Pen.

Top set from left to right, top row first, I used stencils like this:

-Raindrops from Crafters Workshop using Souffle and Glaze pens from Sakura and water based Sharpie Paint Pens
-Hearts from Retro Cafe colored in with a pink water based Sharpie Paint Pen
-Half of a Crafters Workshop wheel stencil along the left hand side of the page colored in with Souffle and Glaze pens from Sakura and water based Sharpie Paint Pens

Some Tricks:
-Go slow as you trace/outline and/or color the stencils in. 
-Lift the stencil slowly as you remove it from the page.
-Make sure the pen work is totally dry before you change pens or add another layer.
-The ink in new Glaze and Souffle pens tends to scoot underneath the stencils. If you don't go right up against the edge of the stencil, you should be okay. Accidents happen and you can always fix it by letting it dry and outlining the stencil in a darker color.
-Wipe your stencil down with a dry rag or paper towel when you're done.
-When using Glaze or Souffle pens, the ink should just flow from the pens. Don't press down hard as you use them. (More on that here.)
-Don't feel like you have to use the whole stencil. Use bits and pieces of it and make it your own!
-Don't like how a color turned out? Let it dry and use an opaque pen (like Souffle or a water based paint pen) on top of it.
-Not sure that a pen will work or what a color will look like or how a stencil will behave? Test it on scrap paper first! 
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Desert Mermaid said...

oh man, yes, now I can see it -- all this time I thought you had the most amazing stickers in the universe -- I DID use stencils on a journal page, I was using them as you suggest, just part of them, not the whole thing, so I was on the right track. CRAP! Now I want all my stencils back. I didn't like using paint (I have zero drying time patience) -- but I have all the markers I could possibly need to effect this look. COOL!!! THANK YOU!!!

Jenni said...

what an awesome way to use stencils, I wouldn't have thought of using them in my journal and now I am so inspired to try it. Thank You for the tips.

donna!ee said...

thank you much Kelly for sharing all that you do here on your blog. I have taken your classes, which are AWESOME and go in to great detail about your processes including using stencils, but it's always wonderful that you expose us to your tips & tricks inspiring all to create. ;D

Venita said...

Great instruction, thanks! I've been dying to use some stencils in your on-line class. I can't wait!