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Friday, July 05, 2013

Reaching out for Help

I need your help.

A short but sweet reminder that I'm teaching this weekend. More info here. Hope to see you there.

I'm always extremely thankful for my students and that their support allows me to continue to do what I love to do. We're about to lose another store in Los Angeles and to say that I'm rather depressed about all of it is an understatement. It makes you wonder if it's time to throw in the towel which I clearly don't want to do. I've been dragged down kicking and screaming before. In 2007, we lost about seven stores within an extremely short time period. It was a tough and depressing year when stores that I had loved and taught in for so long closed their doors. Yet, somehow (with very big thanks to my students and a wee bit of my own drive to continue to do what I love but most of it was thanks to my students' rally of support) I was able to keep at it. 

My whole teaching career has been a roller coaster ride (such is life.) I am a bit worried now about what the rest of this year will bring so I am putting it out there now to see what will happen.

I am actively looking for new venues to teach at starting as soon as possible. I am willing to travel anywhere (my attitude is as long as it doesn't end up costing me money and I can make a wee bit, I'll be there.) I am looking for places especially in:

California-L.A., Ventura, Orange County, San Diego, No Ca, etc... 
Arizona-outside of Scottsdale and Phoenix
New Mexico

but, really, if I can get there, I'll go there.

I have been teaching for almost seventeen years now. I've taught in stamp stores, conventions, retreats, studios, people's homes, classrooms and more. 

It is well known that I do not travel light. I bring a plethora of goodies for my students to use and enjoy.

I always supply a handout and I answer emails with questions outside of class as well.

I don't just teach one thing. I am a firm believer in that I am teaching you how to be creative, how to see and experience things that you can use to relate to everyday life. My classes aren't solely about art journaling, bookbinding, collage, etc... They are about color, composition, design and relishing in the many new experiences that art making brings. It is never just about the project in my classes. I try to make it so much more than that.

So, I'm reaching out to you. If you have or know of a space that may be interested, I'd love to hear. As always, I appreciate your time, help and just the fact that you even read this.

Thank you.


Betsi Goutal said...

Any thoughts on how we can help if we don't have specific stores? I loved the two classes I took with you a few years ago in the Boston area and would really like to help, but I live in NC now and haven't even really settled in enough to know of any cool stores here (well, sidenote - if you're ever in the area you'd love The Scrap Exchange, and it *might* even be a good place for your classes).

Anyhow... if there is anything else I can do - such as endorsing you on networks link LinkedIn or Klout - I would love to do what I can. You're definitely one of the very best teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and an all-around awesome person, so I want to help in whatever small way I can.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Maybe you've tried this already, but just throwing it out there...Collage in Portland....they have a couple of inspiring stores. Loved it when we visited on vacation. Good luck to you!!!

Lori Wostl said...

Okay - I'll be on the lookout! Please say it is not not NOT Deb's store in Scottsdale

Hairball Alley said...

Hi Kelly - sorry to hear of any art store closing...for many years I sold furniture and when the company I worked for (9 years). I was devastated. But it's true what they say... A window opens, when a door closes...I'll leave God out of it for now...anyway I will keep my ears open...I am sitting in my local park gutting a book I bought at the dollar store ... Thanks to you...I really enjoyed the classes I took with you at The Ink Pad, a few weeks ago. Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

In North Carolina, we have Random Arts in the mountains; then near my house (in the Foothills) there is Papanana's (in King, new store who want teachers!), Enchanted Cottage (Lewisville)and I have a person I could talk to and see if she could host you at her house in Wilmington.
Hell, you can stay with me if you can handle my three boys (10,7 and 4). Yes, you can have one of the rooms for yourself, lol.

April Hall said...

I have been to this store when I visited Flagstaff and they are wonderful. http://www.aboutmemoriesandmore.com/ Flagg is about 2 hours north of Phx.

Debby said...

I live in Illinois and sadly there are not a lot of stores left around here anymore. So many closed when the big box stores came to town. And even Archiver's is in bankruptcy but they should come out of it. There is a cool store in Bloomington Il called Scrapbooking Studio. If you ever went there I would gladly drive to take the classes.

Rhonda H said...

Kelly, have you tried Collage in Portland? When I visit Portland I always stop in there, a cute shop and wonderful stuff... http://collagepdx.blogspot.com/p/contact-us.html
and closer to home for me in Sacramento area, have you tried Stamp Art Shoppe in Roseville?
or in Elk Grove there is also Stamper's Corner, http://www.stamperscorner.net/
Hope those help?

Ersi Marina Samara said...

I do so understand and sympathize. My latest blog post was about having to set aside my creative work for a summer day job that is driving me crazy. I'm really sorry I can't offer any help, I live in Spain, but I wanted you to know that I read your post and that I share your worries. I sincerely hope that things will look up for you very soon.

Barbara Hagerty said...

I'll put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with a few places that might work well. Give me a day or two and I'll email you with what I come up with. Any shop owner worth her/his salt should be chomping at the bit fot the opportunity to have you teach a live class.

Seth said...

Definitely Collage in Portland Kelly. You are a perfect match. Just tell Maria that Seth sent ya!

Cheryl said...

I 2nd the motion for Rhonda H.'s ideas. As you know, I met Sharon when I lived in Folsom and we would go regularly to the store in Roseville and the one in Elk Grove. Wish I was there to see you. Any chance you can come to Seattle?

Sandy Guderyon said...

Hi Kelly, I've been meaning to write to you for awhile. I read the blog every day and also had a terrific time with you recently in my hometown of Niles. What treat, to be with all of you in Maria's fantastic studio. Thanks to her, as well!
As to your "Help Needed", I wonder sometimes why the stores are closing, too. I'm sure it involves $$. You have so much experience in various venues over many years and you're willing to do what it takes-is it worthwhile to consider having a space of your own where you can leave your supplies and perhaps people can come to you?
I imagine you could still travel, as well.
I was amazed to hear that so much is closing in southern California. Maybe you will be the only game in tow soon!
I am glad to help you in anyway that I can.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kelly, I am always sad to hear of a stamp/art store closing. Here in LA we used to have so many. Have you approached Impress Stamps in Washington? At one time the Tukwila store was the main one but that was long ago. I know the Seattle area still has some stamp - and surely many scrapbook/art - stores. They haven't won yet. Keep at it. xo

~meryl said...

I recently visited Collage PDX in Portland. The store is packed with goodies including lots of washi tape. They have a big room to use as a classroom.

Kelly Kilmer said...

HUGE thanks to everyone who has stopped by today. I REALLY appreciate ALL of your comments and kind words. THANK YOU. I will be responding to those of you whose emails I have and taking your suggestions to heart BIG TIME. I'm open for more, too. HUGE HUGE Thanks!!!

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Kelly, I'll put together a list of shops I've passed along the way from NM to Maine and send it to you as soon as possible.

However, I have no connection with any of these shops, just bought stuff from them or admired their wares.

Starting off is NM where I did live: You might check Artisan with 3 stores.


When I lived in Taos I know that the Santa Fe shop often gave classes.

Big hugs,


Suzanne said...

So sad to hear about another store closing :-(

I sure have missed your classes at The Art Bar. I was blessed to have taken a few of them and had the best time at each one.

There is a store in San Diego, in Poway, that offers some mixed media classes. Your classes would fit in well with their store. It's called Stamping Details.

There is also Gee Gee's Stamps N Stuff in Carlsbad.

Another one to try is Paper Tales in San Diego

Also I believe Jenny Doh is hosting workshops at her studio in Santa Ana

jonreneewebb@msn.com said...

Kelly, this is something you might consider in the future. Reno, Nevada holds a month long art festival in July. Several venues offer classes and/or workshops. The website is: renoisartown.com. Take care!


Desert Mermaid said...

Kelly, just got computer access back and read this. when you say 'outside of Scottsdale and Phoenix' is that because of your longstanding relationship with Deb and Frenzy? I'm totally game to offer my home for a class, but it's in Phoenix, and I live in a fix-er-upper (more on the fix than up side) but there's room for 6-8 peeps come fall (my son and family are living with us now, waiting on a house to be finished, and you could even stay with us if you're game. I love Deb/Frenzy, too, so don't want to tread on that relationship ...


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Dreaming Bear was your second comment and what she didn't tell you ;) is that she has an art store in Marion, Iowa which is right by Cedar Rapids, Iowa which has an airport. :) I would drive over from Cedar Falls. I wonder if she would have you for a class or two.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Dreaming Bear was your second comment and recommended a store in Portland but what she didn't tell you is that she has an art store and studio in Marion, Iowa which is right next to Cedar Rapids and there is an airport. I would definitely come. Wonder if Iowa would be an option? Marlene

Donna LaValley said...

Squam Art Retreat? it's AMAZING