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Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel, Tape and Some More Info on Sharpie Water-based Paint Markers

Tristan at the AMC 16 in Burbank
 I'm a wee bit later than I usually like to be with my blog post but I had good reason. Tristan and I were up at the crack of dawn (for me at least) to see Man of Steel. He loved every minute and walked out with a big smile on his face. Now he's counting down to the announcement of The Justice League Movie. If you look closely at this photo, he's wearing a blue cape and Superman socks (I wore blue tights and a blue dress for the occasion.) I love my boy!

Washimatta Tape Goodness

My Washi Tape Sense started tingling the other day and I was right! A quick search of Washimatta's etsy shop led to the discovery of several NEW rolls of washi tape! Yum! You can see the, um, trouble that I got into in the above photo. I ordered Sunday night and the package was on my door step today! Talk about service! I don't "get" anything from posting about Karen's online stores but I really do love how great her service is and she is my favorite online vendor to order from! I just like to support small businesses as much as possible. Her website is here (and yes, those are slight variations of the original washi tape colors. I had to have them.)

Last but not least, my friend Pam alerted me to the fact that water based Sharpie paint pens are marked clearance at Michaels (from $4 to $.50) I'm not sure 100% what this means but it doesn't sound good for the Sharpie paint pens. Remember a few years ago when they were discontinued and then Michaels suddenly had them as an exclusive test run (to see how well they'd sell?) It doesn't look good for them now. One store employee commented that the individual pens sold well but the ones in sets did not. I find it hard to believe that most of their pens sell very well considering that they're in a locked case that most folks don't even notice. I did find out that it seems to be across the country. I would recommend having your store SCAN the pen if it's marked at full price. 

The good news is that if you love the water based paint pens, you can still find them via other brands like Posca Paint Markers and Molotow One4All. That said, I still love the tips (especially the extra fine tips) of the water based Sharpies but I'll take a pen however I can get it!

And that's the news of the day! Hope that your weekend is a good one. I'm heading off to start packing up my supplies for my NY and MA classes! Leaving on Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet very soon (clearly, I've been spending too much time with my superhero of a boy! NOT!)


Sandy said...

Love it!!!! I wanted to see a picture of your tights too. ;) Sad to hear about the Sharpies. I'll have to check the others out. I haven't done that yet. Thanks for the info.

Emie58 said...

Sharpie water based packs are on clearance in Rochester, NY... and the singles are dwindling in numbers and they don't seem to be restocking them... not sure what that all means.... plenty of the oil base markers available.

meryl said...

On the way home from Niles I hit the Fremont Michael's and scored one set (pastels) of the Sharpie pens but the selection was very limited. Then on to the Michael's in Emeryville for two more sets (metallics). Determined to have more colors in the Extra Fine size I then found SimonsArtSupplies.com. Package is on the way. Thank you for bringing these to my attention! I've started using them in the journal made during last weekend's class and I really like how smooth and opaque they are especially on top of images torn from magazines.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Not showing those tights, huh?!! My son saw the flick today too, and LOVED it! Safe happy travels to you, Kelly!