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I love teaching and truly believe that deep down inside everyone is an artist, capable of creating something. There is power and knowledge in the act of creating something with your own hands, made from your own heart and head.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Speaking My Truth

Sincere thanks to everyone who bought or expressed an interest in my first print, "Becoming." It means a lot to me. 

One of the hardest things about being an artist is putting yourself out there. I speak my truth in real life and in my pages. I always try to be open and honest on my pages to encourage others to open up themselves. I am a firm believer in my mantra, "If I can do it, so can you." Sometimes what I say gets me into trouble but if I don't speak my truth, who else will?

We share so much and yet so many are hesitant about opening themselves up onto their pages. Trust me when I say, it will be okay. Unless you are in a situation where you could be hurt or abused because of what you share on your pages then you need to protect yourself (write, get it out and collage or paint over it. There are ways of hiding your journaling.) If you're not in that situation, then get it out and onto the pages. Your pages are and always should be made for you. Not for anyone else but YOU. We all have good and bad moments and we need to realize that about each other.

Life is a roller coaster ride. We're not alone in our thoughts, feelings and experiences. It's okay to document and process the stuff that's swirling around in our heads on our pages. That's what a journal should be: a place to experiment, explore and process. A place to be your true self.


ARTifact & whimsy said...

Your prompt a day class was my very first experience with online classes. It has helped me tremendously in getting out of my head & heart onto my journal page. I will always be great full to you for the wonderful experience!! Keep up the good work, your a huge asset to the art community!! Hugs!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you for the kind words! You just made my day in a much needed way. HUGS and THANKS.

Barbara Hagerty said...

The reason people like your classes so much and get so much out of them is because they learn from you. Often without even realizing it, students who finish your classes have been taught lessons in composition, harmony, contrast, color, design technique, balance, shape, texture, lettering, materials, etc. They think they're making a journal, and they are. But they're getting the building blocks to make everything else at the same time. Or a refresher course. It was the thing that struck me when I took my first class from you, years ago. You give your students very informally in one 6 hour in-person class, or one online class, everything I gave my students in a semester or two. You just don't label it and make them learn the terms and spit out example after example before combining it all in a finished product. But if they're paying attention, they're getting the whole magilla.