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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Becoming Journal

Becoming Journal Closed
13 March 2013 Inside Cover and Page 1
Thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts yesterday. They are very much appreciated.

After I finished my Joie de Vivre Journal, I started working in my revised version of my Swatches Book. I have been making the time to sit down and try to do at least one page a day so I whipped through Swatches, was sad to finish that so quickly so I eagerly started the one that you see above. 

I make all of my own journals by hand and each one varies in size, stitch and construction. For some odd reason, I have a very hard time working in store bought journals (it's not that they're too precious or that the blank pages turn me off. I'm not exactly sure what it is) or journals not made by my own hands. I'm always fascinated by how so many artists like to work in the same style journals repeatedly and I prefer to work in different formats each time.  It's funny the things that call to you.

My Becoming Journal was quite different for me not only in format but also in how I started it. I started it on BIG pieces of paper where I experimented and explored all sorts of techniques and ideas on the pages first. Then I cut them down and bound them into this journal where I worked on them some more. I love watching pages unfold into something you're not expecting and that's exactly what happened with this journal. Even with things already on the pages, I pushed and pushed and they evolved into something different each time. It's an enriching experience. I will be teaching my Becoming Journal as a two day class in Los Angeles at the end of May/beginning of June as well as in Fremont in June (more info coming very soon.) I am looking forward to seeing what folks do with it. In the meantime, I'll be showing you the pages here.

I have a small handful of collage grab bags left. I won't be making these for a long time and they're full of my favorite things from my personal stash.

I also have a small amount of my first prints available, too.

Have a wonderful day. The weekend is almost here!

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~Glory~ said...

I know what you mean... My friends all bought a premade album for their pics of our trip...I strayed, I wanted something that reflects our trip...I bought stickers, papers and have ideas in my mind on how I want this to turn out.

Thanks for sharing!