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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Part Four of the 10 Minute Art Making Challenge

The timer is on but I quickly forget that it's there as I fill the page with my journaling (using my trusty black .35 Rapidosketch pen.) I overlap my sentences as I write fast and messy across the page. My journaling is for me and what I'm writing is not meant for anyone's eyes but my own. It's stream of consciousness type stuff and it feels good to get it out. When I'm done, I switch pens, grabbing my black Sakura Glaze pen and slowly writing, "I am learning..." across my previous writing. I love layering my writing and seeing what develops. 

The top right corner still bugs me so I add hand drawn X's in a hot pink paint pen (which quickly dries enabling me to have time to outline the X's with my Rapidosketch pen.) The corner is tied together but I'm still not feeling it.


I step back and look at my page. I really like it. I don't judge pages for being good or bad, pretty or ugly. A page is finished for me when it's "said" everything that I need it to say at that moment. I've spent forty minutes making this page so far (see how it adds up.) Yet, it still needs something.

(I forgot to say earlier that my ten minutes did NOT include time to take the photo. I took the photos after the buzzer went off.)

All prepped and ready for my A Beautiful Necessity class at Stampin' From the Heart in L.A. tomorrow. There's still room! I'd love to see you there!


Sue Marrazzo said...

Cool page, Kelly!

sharon said...

I think it looks great! I wish LA were a tad bit closer, but I am learning a lot from here!

Jenni said...

I really love seeing this page come together step by step.
The top right corner seems to me like it could represent a wound thats being stitched up and healed, which is what an art journal does too. So I really like the look of it all.
Thanks for sharing your process,

Cynthia said...

This is a great challenge. Making time for me to get started is a gift. Loving how you use hot pink in your pages and writing over writing adds more texture and interest. Thanks so much Kelly

Anonymous said...

I, too, am really appreciating watching your page come together. I can't blog at the moment but am following along & faithfully instagraming using your hashtag #10minjp

SMYLING said...

Thanks for straitening my gremlins out and the inspiration

Jan said...

I liked seeing how you put this together. Do you often work in short spurts and return to unfinished pages? I find when I return to a page I've lost the original "feel" which can interesting ... as it takes me in a different direction.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Jan. I usually tend to work in longer spurts of 30 minutes or so but sometimes my time is limited so I take what I can get. I do tend to fully complete a page before I move onto the next one. I don't like going back to pages as it doesn't work for me (though I know it works well for others.)


Kelly Kilmer said...

BIG Thanks to everyone who keeps posting their pages and comments. For those of you who are leaving your blog, instagram, etc... info I'm leaving comments there. I hope that you are all inspired to keep at it! These are all wonderful!!!