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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

22 December 2012 Journal Page

 Thinking of my Dad on one of his favorite holidays. This weekend has been hard. Dad always went to Savannah, GA this weekend for the big parade. He was one of the "Boys from Boston" (as they called themselves.) He'd call me at least once a day from down there and let me know how things were going. He would count down the days until his trip (he was a big fan of counting down to things that were important to him. He was counting down to our summer trip last year.)

My sister's son, Jack and His Bapa, Jack Smith
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope that you are having a good weekend and a great Saint Patrick's Day. I hope that you're not getting pinched (unless you want to be! LOL) 

and because I don't want to leave you with tears in your eyes, one of my other favorite songs (and I love the video for the shots of Boston as well)

and for the hell of it,

Tristan at Erin and Marc's wedding 2006


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Thinking of you, too, Kelly. I have Irish music playing right now. Did your Dad do a good Irish Jig by any chance? He sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Kathy. No Irish jigs for him but we have photos of him on the floor (literally) dancing to "Shout!" at my sister's wedding. He knew how to get a groove on.

My sister did Irish step dancing for years.


cookievf said...

Kelly Kilmer - heritage

I love that your dad counted down to things! His passion and sheer love of life is evident. I miss my dad, too.. he embraced absolutely everything with passion and grace. We are so blessed to have had such close relationships with such stellar men!
Though my maiden name Farquhar(son) is as Scottish as they come (clan, tartan, castle) this branch was from Ballynahinch, No Ireland. Dad also hailed from Irish Murphy's (Quaker farmers who came to PA in 1600's from England). My Mom's grandparents were Beattie & Brown and they came to Phila from Coleraine, No Ireland..yet no one was left to celebrate their Irish heritage in my lifetime!? How sad is it, that so many had (were forced to have) shame attached to their roots, 100 years ago. Thank you for celebrating our proud ancestry with me today. <3