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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Home Again...

Here's the inside back cover of my "Connections" journal
Connections Book Closed
Back at home after fifteen days on the East Coast. It was a whirlwind trip where we seemed to go, go, go more than anything. I hope to do a recap soon with some pictures (especially since we took a bazillion of them.) 

It was a sad trip but it was also full of love. My little red headed monkey nephew made sure that all of us had lots of love, kisses and laughs. My Mom proudly showed off her new condo (she has mixed feelings about it, rightfully so, but I know she'll be okay. My sister is only a five minute walk from her front door!) My baby cousin started college today (yay!) My cousin, Bev, is in recovery mode after head surgery and a broken arm (lots of love, Bev.) Life goes on and while we carry the memories of our loved ones within us, it hurts like hell sometimes and there are some much better moments than others but we repeatedly pick ourselves up, sew up our mended hearts for the bazillionth time and take baby steps forward all while not beating ourselves up if we happen to fall and stumble again in our grief.

It's the first full day of 2013 spent in my own home. I have a bunch of errands to do, bags to unpack and emails to catch up on. I'm trying to take it all in stride and not beat myself up over getting all of it done. It will get done. I haven't had any real sit on the floor art time in over two weeks so that's a big priority for my day today. I've managed to glean bits and pieces of art time here and there but I need a wee bit o' ME time today. 

If you have a few minutes, this article is well worth the read.


Deb said...

Hi Kelly
Welcome home...great story on your blog..that story will stay in my heart. Thanks for sharing..Deb

Tricia said...

Welcome Back Lovely :)

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hi Kelly! Welcome home. Nice to hear about your full days of family and travel. Ease in now...one day at a time! Your journal is GORGEOUS! Love it. K

sharon said...

Family time is always the best, and so precious. You now have so many more beautiful memories.
Love, love, love your Connections journal!

Sue Marrazzo said...

***it's good to get home...NICE WORK, as always!!!***

Jan said...

Kelly, thank you for sharing the story on your blog. It is a great reminder of our "human-ness".