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Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Thoughts on Keeping an Art Journal

Art journal pages should be your safe place where you can explore new ideas and possibilities. They're also your place where you can open up and say anything upon the pages. Some folks don't always feel comfortable journaling on their pages for a variety of reasons:

Some don't like their handwriting. Remember, your handwriting is a part of you. There's something about the human touch on a page that you don't get when you cut out words or use rubber stamp letters. Your writing is a part of YOU. When my Dad died, I saved little bits and pieces of paper that he wrote his notes on. Those were my treasures.

Some are afraid that what they're writing will be read and misinterpreted by others. I always say that unless you're in a dangerous situation where writing your thoughts openly will put you in harms way, journaling both your good and bad IS extremely beneficial and healthy. We all have good and bad moments and it's nice to have a place to process them. I've often been asked why I write my thoughts so freely and openly. It's my journal and my hope is that someday someone will read them and think, "I've felt like that." or that my son will think, "Hey, Mom was human and she made mistakes and had good and bad days." Yet most days I am writing for ME and not for anyone else and I don't care who reads it. It's MY journal and if someone misinterprets what I am saying, it's on them. Not me. Journaling is about reaching out and connecting and sometimes it goes beyond just connecting with ourselves. 

That said, there are always ways to hide your writing, too (if you don't really want it to be read.) Write first and then paint or collage. Write and then partially collage over it. Draw, doodle, stamp, make marks on top of your writing. Sometimes the simple act of getting the writing out and onto the page and then layering over it is all that is needed for some. I think that it's better to get it out than to keep it locked in.

Some feel that they don't have anything to say. EVERYONE has something to say (look at facebook. ;)) Journaling doesn't have to be about, "Today I went to work..I hate my boss...I went home, collapsed on the couch and went to bed." Journaling can be about any and everything. Everyone has something worthwhile to say and contribute. You don't have to write about your day to day business but what about little events that happened that put a smile on your face, a dialogue with something that you heard on tv or read in a book, unsent letters, lists, dreams, hopes, goals, thoughts that are on your mind that you need to process some more, etc... It's all good and it's all worth writing about. Even pages and pages of venting can do someone good if getting it out and onto the page helps them in some way.

I had horrid handwriting for years. I practiced and played on my journal pages. I've never taken a calligraphy class as I don't have the patience for it but I tried different pens, brushes and styles of writing and I found that the more I pushed myself and opened up, the more I liked what I was doing. Contrary to popular belief (at the time), I had nice handwriting! I'm still playing and experimenting with my handwriting and I'm having fun doing it.

Keep it up. Your journal is your place to experiment and play. It should be fun, a relief even and not stressful. It's not art that's meant to be hung on walls. It's art that's for YOU.


Indigene Theresa said...

I absolutely agree with you! Art Journaling is for you, the journal owner, to ponder, argue, decide and play to one's heart's emotion; anything else is cheating yourself of a wonderful tool. :)

Liz said...

Hi Kelly! I am really enjoying "spilling" on the journal I created at your last Fremont class. I've been working in it A LOT over the last month and it has helped me thru some recent life changes (both good and not so great!). I feel like I have a personal therapist now..one that even travels with me. Thank you for the priceless gift of being able to truly open up on my beautiful "Kelly-Style" journal pages.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

You're a natural teacher. One day, I hope to be near enough to attend a class of yours in person. Beautiful!

Ruth said...

good article - especially the part about everyone has something to say. You set me off on my art journalling journey Kelly!



Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly, This is the first comment I have left here for some time. I have only just returned to art journaling after the death of my husband last April. Your blog (and Misty Mawn) was the only blog I kept reading, the beauty of your pages was always something to look forward to. I hadn't been journaling very long when my husband died, and so as a beginner, to read your thoughts on art journaling has been very important for me, because they express how I feel 100%, even about the handwriting. I often change mine to see how it feels. Also I have always been scared of someone finding my journal and reading it - but not anymore - I see it differently now. Much Love to you and your family.Karenxx

ileneharris said...

Just looked at the workshops offered in Petaluma at Art Is You next Septemeber. I didn't know you you were before, but I am signing up for pocket Journal class.


Ilene Harris

Kelly Kilmer said...

@Indigene, @Kathy Paperpumpkin, @Liz, @ Ilene, I've emailed you privately as I have your email addresses.

@Ruth Thanks for the kind words. I hope that you're enjoying your journal journey!!!

@Karen, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you big hugs. Since my Dad died, I'm thankful that I was able to receive a little bit of comfort on the pages of my art journal. Sending warm hugs and lots of love.

Amrita said...

I feel the same way about music, while i love my journal and blog, I think for some people music is like a journal to them but that they're afraid of what it might sound like to other people or what other people think of them. But I think that it's just a way of getting the emotion that you feel inside your head, out so you don't have to keep it all bottled up and confined.

Liz said...

Oh no! I didn't receive an email from you (per your comment). No pressure ;-)...just want to make sure you have my correct email address. Don't want to miss out on any future class announcements or anything. Gotta stay in the know! That speaks to how much I enjoyed your class (and am enjoying my journal!). LOL.

Melissa said...

At craft fairs, I usually have one of my used journals on display as an example of what my handmade ones could be used for.

I do feel a little awkward when people look at them. Often, someone would read a line and then ask me questions about it!! Geeeeeeez.

Lately I've taken to writing upside-down or sideways on my pages. I think people would be slightly less likely to "catch" a random line that stands out to them.