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Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Set

Up and ready to have a fun few hours at Zinnia!


Susan Walker Art said...

So many goodies!Fun for sure instore! cant wait to see what all is done.

trish quilty said...

why do we all get so excited about such a tablescape?
I just want to play.

Amrita said...

I love this! one day i will have a table much like this of my own, i'm hoping for sooner then later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

It's late, and I'm not sure why I'm
commenting. I love your blog,
but I'm normally just a pop in and see
what you've been up to kind of
person. Once or twice a month.

But I woke up from a lovely sleep, and
thought of you. I keep seeing the photos in
my mind that you posted a while ago of your dad's
notes that he would leave around for you. It's so
beautiful that he did that. And even more
beautiful is that your love, and how you
miss him, is a testament to the charm
and grace of your father. It's wonderful
the love you two shared. Surely, he must
live on in his written words, and in the
echo of his patience and love.

Anyway, it's weird but I thought you
might like to know that, even now, your
papa is touching lives and spreading
grace. Thanks for sharing that bit of
your world with us. I've begun leaving
little notes hidden away for the people
I love too. I hope I'm worthy of the
teacher who gave me the idea.

Thanks for your generous heart.
Have a good night.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks for your kind words.
I love the idea that you are leaving notes for loved ones to find. My Dad was a big sender of cards and postcards. I write notes to Tristan when I go away and his Dad gives them to him daily. I write notes and cards to my family, as well. David always gets love letters in the form of real letters and journal pages.
You must have misunderstood me as Dad was always writing on scraps of paper but they weren't for us to find. They were for him, especially in his line of work, he was always making notes. :) I consider them gifts though as I was so happy to have them after he was gone. I love handwritten things and especially having these bits from my Dad, makes them all the more precious. :)
I love that you took the idea and you are doing it yourself. That makes my heart smile big.