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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Books!

Last night, I picked up a few goodies! One of my favorite bookstores is Vroman's in Pasadena. They're pretty good about getting new titles in fairly quickly so I was happy to find that they had four copies of Rookie Yearbook in stock. I've been waiting for this title since Drawn and QuarterlyD & Q said they were publishing it. I'm not a huge fan of online magazines or books as I'm one who prefers to read something that I can hold in my hands so I was thrilled to find it in the store yesterday. I haven't read it yet but I've flipped through it several times. The pages are luscious and lively. It's definitely something to peruse over time instead of devouring it in one sitting. It's visually inspiring for artists of all ages. You can see more here and here. Before you ask, no, I won't be cutting this one up.

After Vroman's, we trekked to our favorite used bookshop, Iliad in North Hollywood. It's the only store that we go to on a weekly basis and it's the kind of shop where at least one of us manages to find a treasure or two every trip. I found two last night:

I broke my rule of not paying more than $10 for a book to collage and cut up when I saw the Lingerie book (I paid $15.) The pictures are classy and in the style of what I use for my journal pages. I also really like the size and shape of the book (so I can use it as a journal later on.)

The roses in this book are smaller than the ones that I usually collage with but I loved the luscious colors and imagery. For $5, it jumped off the shelf and into my hands. There's a ton of roses in here so what I don't use will find its way into my class pile.

What new books have found their way into your home lately? Either that you're reading or using to collage with?


Susie said...

Hi Kelly Awesome book finds and since you asked after I read your blurb about Field Guide to Now I knew it was a book that would speak to my heart. Local BN had it in stock and within an hour I was holding it in my hands. Beautiful book, her thoughts, her words are honest and authentic and I'm finding myself nodding 'yes' as I read. It's a book I will read more than once. No doubt about it. It would have gone missed had you not posted it on your blog. I am thankful you did.

Sandy said...

Great books. I've really got to make it to the used book store soon. It's out of town of course. I love Rookie Yearbook, it looks great.

crimsoncat05 said...

oh my goodness, that Rookie Yearbook is thick!! I may have to look for that one; I've seen some of the pics online.