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Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Trip to Ruby Dog's Art House (a.ka. Another Dad Story)

In 2005, Tristan, my parents and I trekked up North to Artwerx in Canada where I taught a series of classes. My friend, Angela, was in every class of mine that weekend. Every time she walked into the room she would utter the same sentence, "Who wants to go to Ruby Dog's?" It was hysterical! She was determined!

So on the last day of classes, I phoned Ruby Dog's and explained the situation. Would she be willing to stay open for a car full of crazy American artists who desperately wanted to visit her shop while they were in Vancouver? She said, "Yes!!" I explained the situation to my Dad who graciously agreed to drive a carload of crazy women to Ruby Dog's! It was just the way he was. He dropped us off and told us to take our time. He found a spot in the shade and took a nap (Dad had a knack for short naps anywhere and everywhere and the front seat of a car was one of his favorite places to snooze. He could be asleep in seconds and if you woke him up fifteen minutes later, he'd be roaring to go again for hours. Whoever coined the term "power naps", must've been thinking about my Dad.) We must've been in the shop for well over an hour before Dad started calling to ask if we'd disappeared. On the way back, we even dropped one of the ladies (hi Bev!) at the airport. Dad always went the extra mile for his family and friends. (Ask Tristan how many Lego shops his Bapa took him to whenever and wherever I taught! They'd drive out of their way to find one!)

Every time I ran into Angela after that, she'd mention my Dad and Ruby Dog's. Both of them are gone now and I miss them but every time I think of that weekend, I laugh. "So, who wants to go to Ruby Dog's?"


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Beautiful page...love the blue with your warmth. I'd go to Ruby Dog's!

andrea said...

Hi Kelly ! thank you once again for sharing this beautiful story about your dad! I love hearing these stories, your dad sounds wonderful and its just not "fair" what has happened! I honestly didnt know dads or even men could be loving and kind at all. Im so sorry to hear about your before and after Kelly, I hope it gets easier a little bit each day for you, you are in my thoughts xxx

Kelly Kilmer said...

Kathy, you would've loved it!

Andrea, I know that I've been lucky to have had such a great Dad. He wasn't a Saint but he was the best Dad anyone could ever have. Hugs and thanks!!

Deborah said...

I want to go!