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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

12 July 2012 Journal Page

I promise that all of my pages won't be so sad like this one is. It's just how it is right now (and I am NOT apologizing for it.) It's just one minute, I'm sad. Later, I may be happy but then I get slapped back into reality with, "oh yeah..." Such is life and its roller coaster of emotions.


trish quilty said...

would it help to tell you that what you are experiencing is perfectly normal? And I dont mean that to be uncaring statement Kelly.
It is scarey, sad, difficult but one has to go thru it to heal. Finally your memories will help you, and lessen the pain. Take it from one who has been there many times already.
the journals help, and writing out your feelings will also. Just keep chugging forward, :)

Tricia said...

Life is a rollercoaster! Sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down.
Its our love & loss and all things in between that connect us.
Hang in there my friend

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

I believe that it is important to allow oneself to feel what you feel... I still allow myself to be sad when I miss my Dad...and it's been way longer. Your wounds are very fresh. You hurt big because you love big. You wouldnt have it any other way... Hugs, kath

Anonymous said...

I love it. ((gentle hug))

Liz said...

Hi Kelly,
I don't post comments to your blog often(or many blogs for that matter) but check in almost daily. This post struck a cord for me. I'm sorry for your loss. I feel your pain. I lost my mom (very suddenly) September 2009 and I'm no where near over it. It still stings bad. Hang in there. You are not alone. Hugs to you.

Connie Lutz said...

Unfortunately, it'll be like that for a while...sending hugs...

Mary Dean said...


Journals and journaling help us get through times like these. Exactly what you need to be doing for healing! Take Care and Hugs,
Mary Dean

aBritt said...

What is in the top left corner of this page? Is it a photo, a magazine page?? What kind of pen are you using to write on it? Thanks :)
ps. I love the page and the mood of it...beautiful.

Kelly Kilmer said...

It's a pile of stencils in their packages. I dumped my journal in top of the stencils which are piled on my tv. ;)
The black pen is a .35 rapidosketch (NOT to be confused with a rapidograph which I don't like!)

Thank you!

aBritt said...

I meant what was the background of the journal page :-) The page with the black writing on it. Thanks for the name of the pen!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sorry!! Lol!
The page is made up of book and magazine papers.