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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

27 June 2012 Journal Page

The above page is a tribute to my Dad and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I crack up, too. I never thought that I would actually use this label on a page, until now.

Years ago at the first Art Unraveled in Phoenix, my Dad took Tristan and I to a little Italian restaurant after I finished teaching. For years, my Dad always said that I did "craft shows." It would make me crazy. It's not that there is anything wrong with a craft show but that he didn't understand that I was an unconventional art teacher. I traveled very gypsy-like teaching art classes around the country. My job was an odd one and not one that was 9-5 but more 24/7. Since I started teaching I've lived, slept, ate and breathed it. 

So, we're sitting in this restaurant and I start peeling the label off of the beer that he had been drinking. He asked, "What are you going to do with that?" I told him I was going to make a collage. I swear that I saw the light bulb go off over his head. "So, you could make a collage of all of the different beers that I drink?", he asked. I laughed and thought if that was the only way he could relate then yes, I could definitely do that. After that he started telling people that his daughter was a "mixed media artist" who made books and collages. 

At one point, I was doing things with bottle caps and I asked if he could ask his local bartender buddy to save some caps for me. Well, the next thing I know, Dad drove across country (that's another story) and brought not one but TWO FULL, HUMONGOUS garbage bags of bottle caps. It was hysterical. I ended up giving away the bags but I appreciated the effort and that he wanted to help me. 

I'm looking forward to teaching this weekend at Ink About It in Westford, MA as well as next week at the Ink Pad in New York City. More info is here and you can find the samples in the store. I hope to see YOU there! (Don't forget upcoming classes in AZ at Art Unraveled and Scrap 2 It in Fort Collins, CO.)

Also, my latest online workshop, Finding My Way is in full swing. It's a work at your own pace workshop. It was a book that I LOVED working in. It's collage, journal prompts and templates as well as instructions on how to alter a book and create your own art journal using it. You can find more info here. 

I spent today playing with my nephew, hanging out at my sister's house. It was a day that was good for the soul. My little nephew is a cutie! He always makes me laugh and smile. He's good medicine now for all of us. His "Auntie Telly" adores him.


Sandy said...

Such a great page and a great story. My Dad doesn't understand much of what I try to explain to him that I love to do either. It's funny to me. So glad you made this page so you can read it and smile. Hope you have a great visit and your classes go well.

Anonymous said...

I really like this page. I will remember it. Your story will help me.
About THE LINE. I deliberately stood in line once in London England at Covent Garden just to chat and BE there for a half hour. Too bad I wasn't journalling then.

crimsoncat05 said...

love this page, and the story behind it- what a great memory!! (and I can't even IMAGINE how many bottle caps would be in two entire bags- lol!!)

Cat said...

I love your journal tribute to your father--it is a very beautiful page. I love your story, too!! I wasn't art journaling when my dad was alive so I don't know what he'd have thought of it but he used to keep a written journal when he was a young man. Wish I had done more of that myself. Have fun!!

eli said...

Love this page. You couldn't have found a better use for that label, could you?

Nanci said...

Hey Kelly
Great story about your Dad and the beer label collage. It's really nice to hear stories about your Dad. Hope your classes go well back East.

Kitten said...

Hey Kelly...
Your Dad had great taste in beer! Moretti is wonderful...I save interesting beer labels for journals whenever I get them. What a wonderful tribute to your Dad & how he came to understand your art a bit better.

Dory Nordlinger said...

I LOVE your page and I so wish I could be one of your students. This was a heart warming story. You are very creative and talented and I wish you well.