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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Paper Woes

I enjoyed coloring the focal image and stamps above with Glaze and Souffle pens. I always find coloring to be very meditative. This page is layered, baby, layered! Paper, tape, paint, stamps, pens, all that jazz! I didn't think that I liked this page at first but I'm really happy with it. It says everything I want it to say and I love the layers.

So those of you who follow my blog and have taken my classes know that my paper of choice is 140 lb wausau exact index. I've been using Wausau paper for fifteen years now. I use it in almost all of my classes. I make almost all of my books with it. It is My Paper of Choice. 

Can you imagine how I felt on Monday (which turned out to be the Day from Hell Where Almost Everything That Could Go Wrong Went Wrong) when I called Kelly Paper and told them that I needed to order 100 sheets of 3051A (I know it by heart) and their response was that product has been discontinued. I almost keeled over. Then he told me that the Wausau paper mill had closed two months ago and I DID keel over (I apologize Mr. Kelly Paper Man for the few expletives that I uttered. They weren't directed towards you!) Um, did I mention that I was teaching a class on Wednesday and that I needed the paper um, by Tuesday in order to cut it and get it ready and that again, this was MONDAY? The guys at Kelly Paper were on the job! At first they recommended a Lynx brand paper (100# weight) but it was out of stock. He told me they'd call me back with a replacement. I went into panic mode and scoured the net as I waited for his return call.

Yesterday I picked up 100 sheets of Accent Opaque in parent size sheets as well as a ream of Lynx 100# in 8 1/2 x 11". I have not put anything to it other than a glue stick but I hope to test it out at some point today. (I just got home from teaching and haven't had much time to do anything other than eat dinner, check email and now work on this blog post.) 

I did find out (thanks, Terri K!) that Neenah papers picked up the 140 lb wausau and that they still have it in large parent size sheets (as well as 8 1/2 x 11".) So, all is not lost. However, Kelly Paper says that you can order it but only as a CASE! That's 500 sheets of paper!!!! Um, I live in a little apartment. Where am I going to PUT THAT? I'm going to call The Man in Charge of Ordering For Kelly Paper tomorrow and see what I have to do (that's legal) to convince them to carry the 140 exact index in large (and small) sheets on a regular basis. Mr Manager of My Local Kelly Paper was not convinced and said that the 100 lb weight was "good enough." Well, he has never thrown paint on 140 exact index paper now has he?

I am now an Artist/Art Teacher on a Mission.

I want 140 lb cardstock at an affordable price (I pay around $.60 or so a sheet for the large parent sheet sizes. I don't want to raise my class prices because of this!)

I want it local. I do NOT want to have to mail order my class paper. That's a LOT of paper, folks.

I want it in stock on a regular basis. 

This is my list of demands! I will let you know if they've been met!

(and yes, I already know that I'm weird. Thank you.)


Marcia said...

I believe I have bought Wausau paper at a regular office supply store, like Office Max or Office Depot. Have you checked there? I also saw a Wausau brand paper in the scrapbooking section at Michaels. I'm not sure if it's the exact kind you want, but it might be worth checking out.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Marcia, Wausau is no more. As I wrote in the post, the mill shut down. Thanks.

Brian Kasstle said...

Kelly I soooo relate to your passion!

Have you tried other paper sources? Art Supply Wearhouse in Westminister, CA is huge. They may have a substitute. Or Dick Blick?

Samantha Kira said...

I told my family about Wausau closing and they couldn't believe it; my father ran a print shop for 35 years and that's the paper they bought....it is just...wow! I'm glad you were able to find replacement paper and I hope it performs as well.

I have a huge stack of larger-than-usual parent sheets of chipboard that I store under my bed. I don't know how high yours is, but that's where I found space! Keeps it all safe and flat, too!

melissa said...

OH my goodness. Every time I go to the supply store to get paper for my journals this same worry runs through my head every time. It's already inconvenient to travel an hour (or two) by bus for giant pieces of paper, but imagine if I had to pay $8 for a single sheet on top of that! I'd freak out as well.

eli said...

Kelly! crossing fingers for you!

Irene said...

i am sorry to hear this! is use strathmore bristol http://www.dickblick.com/products/strathmore-200-series-combined-bristol-board-pads/ for acrylic painting. it is similar to the wausau paper, takes medium and abuse but not sure how it compares in price. good luck, kelly.

Cheryl said...

Kelly, I do not think you are weird. You're a paper nerd, as am I. You want what you want. I use Classic Crest 140 lb. I've never felt one of your journals in my hand so I won't hazard a guess for a substitute. Hope I get a chance next week when things go on auction.