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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Odds and Ends

I met up with my friend Vivian this morning at the Farmer's Market and spent several hours talking and working in my art journal. In the photo above you'll see Vivian's set up (magazines and her journal), my big bag o' pens, handy dandy baby wipes (for sticky fingers from both glue sticks and a cinnamon roll), my crappy tea (the donut was better), my favorite glue stick (Coccoina), my journal, a canvas bag filled with stuff I grabbed half assed (more pens I didn't need/use) and my black bag full o' collage ephemera, tape and even more pens. Stay tuned for a big announcement relating to the above journal this week! I'm excited!!!!
So, Toni asked me to show you a more detailed look of the new Classiky graffiti tapes that Washimatta is selling. Here ya go, Toni!

I really can't put them down! The dark colors (blue, red and brown) are opaque while the majority of the other colors are transparent so the layering is AMAZING. You'll be seeing more of them on the blog soon. I layer the washi tapes with other washi tapes, paper, deco (plastic, printed) tape, rubber stamps, transparencies, etc... Let's put it this way, if I can stick it to the page, I'll layer it!


Rachel in CO asked me about gluing napkins. The trick to using napkins is to separate the layers as much as possible. I always peel apart napkins (as well as postcards as it thins it down and makes it easier to glue down!) So the trick to gluing napkins and anything super delicate and sheer is to separate the layers as much as possible. My friend, Jeane, taught me this trick:

1. Place the napkin or tissue onto a CLEAN piece of waxed paper.
(Tip: if the napkin/tissue is printed, place it print side down onto the waxed paper.)

2. Cover the back of the napkin/tissue with glue (I use either a glue stick or gel medium). As you cover, make sure that you get a little glue (it's okay if it's more than a little) past the edges of the napkin/tissue.

3. Pick up the entire piece of waxed paper.

4. Flip the piece of waxed paper and place it down onto your surface that you're gluing things onto (like your journal page!)

5. Gently burnish the napkin/tissue.

6. Gently peel off the waxed paper.

7. If necessary, gently wipe off (I usually use my fingers) any excess glue.

Stare in wonder at your marvelously glued piece!


If you're in So Ca, the "In Wonderland" exhibit is a must (I am hearing.) I am hoping to be able to go before it closes in May. Not that it's all about Frida Kahlo, but there are SEVEN Frida paintings in the exhibit. I want to jump on the opportunity to see her work again up close as well as to see work by other artists both known and unknown to me. There's even a book you can buy here. Here's a link to another blogger's review of the exhibit.

I have two more classes in March. You can find out more here. Both classes are go and space is limited so please sign up while you can!

Did I mention that I will be joining Karleigh and Daniel Heywood along with Jeannine Stein for bookbinding workshops in Downtown Los Angeles May 7-12th? You can find out more information here. I hope to see you there!


Mini Blog Love:

Discover Paper via Saturday Morning Vintage (Both will keep you occupied for hours!)


LuLu said...

Howdy Kelly,

I was wondering how you were gonna use those napkins. thanks for the tape info - but pretty soon we're gonna have to start calling you the 'Tape Enabler'!


Kelly Kilmer said...

As background ephemera! :)

They're one layer so I just layer them like I do tape, paper, etc.... :)

Lol I know my name! *snort* I only recommend it so you guys also buy it (like me) and they make more. :D

martha brown said...

That tape is beautiful! And you're right -- Discover Paper will keep me occupied for hours :)

Desert Mermaid said...

hey thanks!!! yes, I can see the patterns much better, not that it matters cuz they're all sold out just now (woot!)



Kelly Kilmer said...

She will get more! You can always email Karen @Washimatta and ask if she can get more. She is awesome to work with!

Cat said...

What a great technigue for gluing down napkins!! Thanks, Kelly!! And thanks for the closer look at those tapes--they are gorgeous!!