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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Books on My Wishlist So Far for 2012*

*I'll be forthright in saying that I won't be buying most of these books. They're on my wishlist and I definitely want to see them before I buy any of them.

Anything with the title of "Artist's Books" usually draws me in. I'm hoping that this is a title to add to my shelves:
I love Alena's work so I'm looking forward to seeing what this book will offer:
The exhibit is at LACMA and I plan on seeing it but it would also be nice to have a copy of the exhibit catalog:
I agree with a lot of what Austin Kleon says and his site is one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to seeing this book:
Joan Schulze is one of my favorite artists and this book has been on my wishlist for awhile. I have all of her earlier books and it will only be a matter of time before I buy this one.
Susannah's blogs is one of my favorites and I'm looking forward to reading this:
I have all of Sabrina's books (except her self published books-*someday*- and am hoping that this one won't disappoint)
This one looks cool:
We are huge Svankmajer fans in this household. It is on both my list and my husband's list of Must Buy Books in 2012:
I've seen this and I want it. It will be mine eventually (insert evil laughter here). If I had the dough, I would consider buying this edition. I "visit" it at the store every time I go (Book Soup.)
Lynda Barry! Lynda Barry! Lynda Barry! Need I say more?
The blog is interesting. I'd like to see how the book is, too:
Her photographs are haunting and they definitely stay with you. A must on my list:
The Altered Page is one of the BEST blogs out there. I can't wait for this book!
I'm a BIG fan of Cindy's zines. I'm looking forward to this collection:

This is another book that I "visit" when I see it in the store. I don't know if I "need" it but I do like parts of it (the parts that look like journal pages!):
I've seen this book several times and the interviews look interesting. Again, not sure if I will ever actually buy it but I do like looking at it:
What books are on your wishlist for 2012?


Christy said...

with your love of art journaling, knowledge and love of books... are there any plans in the future for a book by Kelly? you knew I would ask this :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Christy, for the kind words. I don't have any plans at the moment. If I did do something it would be process and not how to oriented. I would also lean towards self publishing... ;)

Anonymous said...

OH SHIT!!!! I am drooling with anticipation, about to go out of my mind with unparalleled yearning for the upcoming book hit parade you have generously researched and recommended. I am going to lose my mind waiting for several of your recommendations. I thought it was bad enough waiting for washi tape and pens. The book wait is gonna be far more challenging. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this 2012 book musts together.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you, Ally. I'm glad you appreciate it! It took several hours to compile. I listened and watched the Monkees on youtube as I put it together.

lynne h said...

'the book of ruth' - jeez, that cover!! there are a few here that i definitely want... thank you, kelly, for this list! xoxo

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the list, I will need to sit down with a good cup of tea and about 2 hours of time so I can go through them all at my leisure. Love Karenxx

Cat said...

Thanks for the book list. I just pre-ordered Sabrina Ward Harrison's book from Amazon. There are quite a few others I drooled over as well but as an old mentor of mine used to say "you eat the elephant one bite at a time"!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Karen and Cat! I'd love to hear what books you end up ordering, loving and keeping! I will post to the blog at a later date which ones I get. :)

Elizabeth said...

Nice wish list! I have now been introduced to so many more book lovelies to add to mine!

Susannah Conway said...

Thank you so much for including me in your list, Kelle! xx