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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Pens from Jetpens!

Jetpens was kind enough to give me a $25 gift certificate to try out anything in their online store. I bought three pens to try out, a pen refill and a pack of ink cartridges:

Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Pen Body - Rose Komachi Pink
Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Pen Refill - Super Fine - Rose Pink

Kuretake Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Marker Pen - 0.8 mm - Dark Pink

Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Metallic Pink Body
Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge - Pink - Pack of 2

The total for all five items was $25.95 (including CA State sales tax and free shipping on items over $25.)

Here is a page where I used all three pens:
My views:

My favorite pen is definitely the Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro (the pen in the photo above that is on the left side). What you need to know is that it's a two step process to buying this particular pen:

1. Pick out a pen body ($2.50 each)
2. Pick out a pen cartridge ($3.30 to $4.95 each)

It was extremely easy to put the pen together. I just popped the cartridge into the body and voila! The pen writes smoothly on paper. It does work on tape though it is NOT waterproof or permanent so as you can see in the above photo, I colored the flowers in at the bottom left hand corner, waited a minute or two and then purposely smudged the ink to see how it would react and it did smudge a little but the color held. The photo makes the color pink that I used appear lighter than it is. It's a bright, vibrant pink. It's now two days later and I can take my (dry) finger and rub the colored in flowers vigorously and while a tiny bit of pink appears on my finger, it doesn't look like any pink has rubbed off of the flower itself.

I also love the super fine tip (again, check the bottom left hand corner of the above photo as I wrote Zig and drew some hearts.) I am always a big fan of super fine pens that write really well and feel good in your hand!

I REALLY like these pens. That said, I probably would not go out and buy them in every color as it would be rather pricey (about $8 a pen) and I already have several other markers that I love. I am hoping to eventually buy more of the pens in black, blood red, blue black, sunset orange, and sepia. I would love to try their brush version of this pen!


The other pen that I bought was a Kuretake Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Marker Pen - 0.8 mm - Dark Pink. I am not a huge fan of glitter pens, but I figured that I was on a pink roll, that I'd try this one and for $2, I didn't have that much to lose. That said, I don't love this pen. I wanted to but the color of the pen was too subtle for me (it's hard to see in the above photo but in the bottom left corner I wrote glitter pen). Also, do I really need another glitter pen when I have the Sakura Stardust Gel Pen? The Sakura Stardust Gel Pen can make ANY pen or marker glittery! You just write with any pen or marker first, let it dry and write over it with the Sakura Stardust Gel Pen (or for a more subtle effect, use the Sakura Stardust Gel Pen first and then the other marker or pen. Sorry, Zig, but I'm loyal to Sakura with this one. Those of you who love glitter pens, however, the Kuretake Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Marker Pens may totally be up your alley. They come in a multitude of colors which you can buy individually or in sets!


Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Metallic Pink Body is another "two part" pen:

1. Pick out a pen body ($16.50)
2. Pick out an ink cartridge ($1.65)

I picked out Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge - Pink - Pack of 2 to go along with the pen but it came with one black ink cartridge so I popped that one in instead.

I love this pen. First off, not only are they really cute (I know, but they are) but they fit really well in your hand and the ink just flows from the nib. I "tested" the pens on washi tape (they work, yay! You can see the date at the top left corner of the page) as well as on paper. I also wrote with the pen and then immediately brushed it with water, while it ran a little bit, the ink did hold. I tried the same "test" again two days later and the ink didn't move. I would like to try the reddish brown ink, yellow and orange. I can't afford to buy a pen body for every ink color I'd like to try so I may end up ordering refills and wait to test them out whenever a cartridge runs out. If you don't have a fountain pen, the Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pens are an inexpensive (comparatively speaking) option. I may have to eventually order one just to keep in my purse as it really is a lovely fountain pen.


Also, I will bring these pens with me to some upcoming classes if anyone would like to try them hands on, please feel free to do so!

I'll be doing this again for the next three months. Are there any other pens from jetpens.com that you'd like to see me review? (My large, detailed post on my personal favorite pens is here.)

Thanks, Jetpens!


Barbara Hagerty said...

Thanks for the reviews, Kelly! It makes it so much easier when there's feedback from someone who has tried the items, especially if they're items I might not be able to try before buying. And since we use the items similarly, it's a huge benefit when the review comes from you!

Cat said...


When I got the Jetpens newsletter showcasing all those pink pens, I almost sent for them!! They are so pretty and now thanks to you, I know which ones to order!!


Tricia said...

Now I have two reasons to be excited for sunday your "Passionate Declarations" class and sampling new pens!
Two Thumbs up!!!