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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Collage Ephemera

Long time blog readers and students will attest to my routine of rotating my collage ephemera. It's that time! I spent some time today going through some of my stash (that I really do stash away when I'm not using it) and swapping out what I think I want to work with now vs. what I've grown tired of.

My "now" pile (some of it is seen above) will go in my journal bag (I use a double sided Eagle Creek pack-it cube, with focal images in one side and background ephemera and transparencies in the other.)

I've been doing this for years and it really does help me as well as to keep my supply stash fresh and new. That said, it doesn't mean that I don't add to that stash every now and then.

Every now and then I'll visit some of my favorite shops (see the where I shop button the right side of this blog). I also love scouring etsy and ebay for paper packs. I'm always looking for new ephemera! I also love seeking out things at my local used bookstores. I enjoy recycling catalogs, magazines and flyers in my workwork as well as picking freebies up that I find in my travels.

Do you have any favorite sources for collage ephemera?


Anonymous said...

I love doing ephermera trades. Your "old stuff" is someone's new "cool stuff".

Samantha Kira said...

Thrift shops for text/map sheets (hospital and church shops are the best!). Half Price for magazines. I've fallen in love with W magazine (and it's CHEAP if you get a subscription...less than $1 an issue for gorgeous images!) and photography ones I can get on sale. I used to use a lot of scrapbooking papers, but now I'm about the magazines and thrifted bits. Or papers I make myself. ;)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Me too! I haven't done one in awhile but they are always fun! :)

Cat said...

I mine the web for ephemera when ever I have a few extra bucks, pick up stuff off the ground, save tickets and brochures from events I attend and lately I've been tearing up magazines like crazy! Sometimes I buy "edgy" magazines from the bookstores just for collage fodder. I cruise antique shops for old sheet music, cabinet photos and tintypes. I buy artist papers from the art store and scrapbook papers on-line or at Archivers. Then there's the office supply stores!! My favorite place to collect ephemera is the bi-monthly Friends of the Library sale. I have lots of dictionaries, foreign language books, vintage text books, art books and almanacs etc that I rip up for collage backgrounds!! Gosh, I love collecting stuff for collage!

apinkdreamer said...

hi kelly! i'm a collector of vintage and modern ephemera too! also i have most of them on my shop! the most popular are my vintage greek ephemera!take a look if you want! thanks!!!


Nancy Lynn said...

I am a big thrift store person and find tons of awesome magazines, books and ephemera material. I love ephemera swaps too.