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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Journal Page in Progress

Home from a great day of teaching at Stampin from the Heart. It was a small group but we had fun! I always love teaching there. (Thanks Judy, Laura and Tricia.)

One of the things you'll notice lately in my work is that I've been using lots of book and magazine paper as background fodder. I'm finding myself reaching more for that kind of paper and less for store bought. Interesting how things work. I "blame" it on my Journey of You journal (the one that became the online class). The J.O.Y. journal really changed how I looked at paper in general. Now everything really is fair game.

If you look close, the paper above is actually a stone wall turned on its side. I love the texture that it creates. I'll show you the finished page tomorrow.


~jolene said...

Kelly, the journal I began a few years back....and still work in to this day all began by using JUNK MAIL for my backgrounds. It was all about being resourceful (and broke...LOL!)...but more importantly it was seeing 'art' in things I would have normally tossed into the recycle bin...I UPcycled instead :-)

Barbara Hagerty said...

J.O.Y changed the way I work, too. Opened doors to so many colors and textures in the parts of magazine pages that have nothing to do with the subject of the photo. I love the thinness of the pages, too.

And btw, you have me on an Ellison kick (you knew it would happen....). I'm revisiting things I read years ago, plus, I found 8 vy gd condition original paperbacks that I hadn't read, at a couple of used book stores over the weekend. I am feasting! XOXO

Barbara said...

That background page is so awesome. My problem is sometimes when I get a great background, I don't want to cover it up with anything.

Kelly Kilmer said...

A lot of people have issues with covering up the background they've put down. My attitude is it's another layer and you don't know what new layers you may discover until you go the next step. It's all about the process for me and not getting attached. You won't mess it up. You'll only change it and morph it into something completely new.
You can always try to get over this fear by making multiple color copies of a page and rework each copy more than once. It's fascinating to see what develops.


Monica said...

I really love tearing up junk mail for backgrounds. it is a lot of fun. One of my favorites are the information that comes with medications. it makes being sick bearable.

Cat said...

I also am ripping up magazines like crazy--especially things like brick walls, stones, sand etc. to use as textures in my backgrounds. I'm pretty sure you are the one who send me off in this direction, Kelly, b/c I've taken your JOY class and am so inspired by your journal pages. I am combining painted backgrounds with ripped or cut magazine pictures and adding very minimal journaling. I only said pretty sure b/c there is a many months gap between my reading your PDF file and actually working on journal pages (just started 2 weeks ago!!) Now that I think on it, I know you led me in this direction. Thanks for that!! Although my pages look nothing like your awesome pages, I am happy just to be creating again!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, ladies, for stopping by! Rip and glue away! :)