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Friday, August 19, 2011

I Love New York!

Mom, my sister, Tristan, Baby Jack and I trekked from New Jersey to New York City today. We walked for about 7 hours. We hit:

-Printed Matter

-Union Square (where "It Should Happen to You" with Jack Lemmon and Judy Holliday was filmed)

-Forbidden Planet

-the Strand (I bought my nephew a little bus as he says it bus-sh. I bought a book by Sara Midda. I'll show you that soon.)

-We ate lunch at Cozy's (yeah, from Big Daddy. Damn good strawberry milkshake.)

-Shakespeare and Co


-Washington Square (what a happening place. I saw people reading BOOKS and not kindles. We listened to a guy playing the bagpipes. Tristan and I were asked to play chess. I could've stayed there all day.)

-The Ink Pad!!!! This store is PACKED! PACKED!!! It was chock full of goodies (see above photo.) They totally made my day having this tiny set of alphabets in stock. I was also greeted very warmly and I'm super excited about teaching there this weekend. Yes!! Can't wait!!!)

-Erin and I were lured into some cream/soap shop and we each bought something small.

-Union Square farmers' market

-Parking was insane ($34!!!) Not to mention very sci-fi like the way they rotate the cars.

-Kinokuniya (it wasn't a kinobuyitall experience. I'll show you what I got soon. Not much.)

-Drove through: Broadway and Times Square in the pouring rain and thunder and lightning. I haven't been in rain like that in some time.
All in all, it was a busy, but good day. I have to tell ya, I love New York is sooo true!!

I can't wait to meet my students tomorrow!!!! I'm off to relax now. Night y'all!


kass hall said...

Kelly I ADORE The Ink Pad (not to mention ALL those places you mentioned!)

Can you tell Veronica and Jane who work at The Ink Pad that Kass from Australia said HELLO!! I love those girls! Enjoy your class!

sara said...

omg, I love NY. I used to go there every 3 months for about 2 years (I was "involved" with someone there long distance, before my husband, of course!) :D

I'm DYING to see closer up pictures of what you got and find out details of what the stamps are. I'm enthralled!

Lucky girl! Also, so curious about the car rotating. Sounds surreal. Glad you're having fun!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Please tell more about the tiny sets of alphabets...always on the look-out. What a full and foot-weary day, but, I'm sure, worth every step.

Autumn Hathaway said...

Have a great time Kelly it is a great space to teach in NYC considering the size of the store. And it is absolutely amazing how much merch The Ink Pad can hold!!

Anne said...

Loved loved loved your class this afternoon! My friend Diane and I were so excited to meet up there and be inspired by you.

Thanks so much!


Sharyn said...

Did you find the elusive teeny, tiny alphabets? The thought of NYC has always been overwhelming to me be as I hear of more and more good stuff I may have to go someday.

Enjoy yoyr classes girl!

Sandy said...

How did you get the mini smash book? I want one so bad. Love all the stuff you got. Glad you had fun. I wish The Ink Pad had an online shopping cart.