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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Journal Bag

Yes, we are the goofy family who starts talking about SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) at least two to three months before it happens. We're ready. We're four sleeps away. Yes!! We are excited. I will post my schedule soon.

I always pack something to journal with wherever I go. SDCC is no exception.

My journal needs to be small and extremely light. In the past, I made my Swatches books (created from old book pages) and easy to store with scraps of paper in an Iris photo case. Last year, I made my Content journal. This year, it's something small but different. I will show you the journal soon (it's inside the black bag above.)

I'm using an Eagle Creek pack it cube. My friend, Irene told me about them awhile back. What you see in the picture above fits in that cube:

-Coccoina glue stick
-Scissors from JetPens.com
-Pens: Sweets, lattes, pilot pocket, pilot hi-tec-c .04, pilot petit pens
-Papers: focal images, background paper, transparencies

I may throw some stickers in there. I also need my small rag that I use to wipe off excess glue and burnish the paper down. I use free magazines and catalogs to glue on and then recycle them.

I'm set.

Great day of teaching today. Carmageddon should happen more often. No one was on the road between here and South Pasadena. Awesome class at Zinnia (thanks gang!) Teaching tomorrow at Stampin from the Heart (there's still room!) No local classes for two months after that.

Have a great Saturday!!


Nicole Austin said...

i love to see what art supplies artists pack in their travel bags. have fun! :) i love that little bag of pens!!

Sandy said...

wow this is awesome! I keep forgetting to order me one of these cubes. I can't remember if you said it was the large or extra large one. You are so organized. It makes me want to go and cut my things into smaller sizes and put them into something. We don't really have anywhere to journal in public, except the park. But we're getting a new coffee shop soon, I'm so excited about that.

laurie said...

yes, i also enjoy seeing what you pack for "on the road". i'm always missing one thing, which changes each time, so i haven't quite got it down yet!

Barbara Hagerty said...

Have tons of fun! I would love to go to Comic-Con just for Comic-Con, because there aren't too many things that can top it. But I'd even go just to be back in San Diego. I miss San Diego so much! So glad to hear that this year will be Twilight-free! Please come back with lots of pics and posts about it for those of us who weren't there this year! XOXO