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Monday, July 11, 2011

7 July 2011 Journal Page

I had a great time teaching in No CA. Maria is always the best hostess and I love my students there. It's always a good weekend seeing friends and watching how they translate the class ideas. Fun!

I'm home now. Already prepping for this weekend's classes in L.A. and South Pasadena. These are my last local classes until late September, so catch them while you can. More info at:

I'm in full prep mode for my CO, AZ, MA and NYC classes now. Next week is San Diego Comic Con (I'll post my suggestions and want to see panels asap) and we're looking forward to that. I'm a bit anxious with the amount of work that has to get done before July 27th (when we leave for CO as I'm going from CO to AZ, then home for two days before heading East to Boston) but I know I will get it done.

The above page, I started with a combination of decorative paper, book pages and tape. I then added grungy rub-ons (half assed scratched rub-ons) and more layers of tape and journal writing to finish off the page.

I did a whole bunch of demo pages in Fremont. I want to alter those pages and I'll show you the before and after as I work on them.

I also made a new little purse size journal for Comic Con. I'll post that as I start to work in it, too.

What are you working on? I'd love to see links if you have blogs or flickr, etc...

Happy Monday, folks!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I love these two pages Kelly. I guess because of all the journaling you did on them. I read the left one and I know everyone has those times when they don't like a page but your pages always seem so bright and just great. Everything pops on them.

So glad your classes went well. It sounds like you're going to be super busy but I know how much your family loves Comic Con and I enjoy reading about it each year. I'm sure you'll get it done.

I've been working on the Memories and Reflection pages and posted a few on Tumbler. I hope I did that right. I've also just finished a 30 day journal class that's on my flickr page. I'm trying to catch up with everything even though life gets in the way. Trying to remember to take time for me everyday, even if it's only a few mins.