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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Blogger Ate my Post Last Night

I don't know why this never went through last night, but here it is again.

I'm stewing on something at the moment. I'm hoping to turn it into a blog post, I just need to find the right words when I post about it so some folks don't get their panties all in a bunch. Yes, it's art related and some of you already have emailed me about this. It's something that should be discussed, but in a calm, rational way. Not one sided, but an open, honest discussion. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time studying the Salem Witch Trials and don't want to see that repeated in 2011. Ever.

In the meantime, before I forget, I have not one, but two classes lined up this weekend. You can go here for more info:


Arika said...

Hmm...I'm intrigued! lol

Christy said...

I was just talking to someone who is not an artist about some things that seem to be brewing and in my attempt to explain it all. I could easily have just said an online witch hunt was brewing.

Anonymous said...

Ok now you have our interest Kelly!

Monica said...

What a superb page.

Sarah said...

I'm intrigued too!

Marcy said...

Curiosity!!!!!! Come on, Kelly!!!! speak!!

Julie said...

This sound serious. You must be choosing your words carefully. It is always good for one to think before the words spill out. The words will come and then you will be ready to share.