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Friday, June 17, 2011

10 February 2011 Journal Page

I'll be spending a quiet weekend at home getting some work done. Not sure yet what we'll do for David on Father's Day. I'll make something special for him, for sure! He reads my blog so no secrets spilled here, yet.

I took Tristan to the movies today. He saw Green Lantern in 3D and raved about it (I told him 3D is a total waste of money, but he's 14 and doesn't listen). I went and saw Midnight in Paris which I absolutely LOVED. All I want to do now is listen to Cole Porter and Josephine Baker and read great literature and make art and daydream. If you're on the fence about it, go see it anyways. Do NOT look up anything about the film before you go. Trust me. It's sweet. It's clever. It's Woody Allen's Love Letter to Paris (after so many he's done to NYC). I hope to see it again. In the meantime, I'll be dreaming about Paris.

My three summer films that I want to see: Midnight in Paris (check!), The Tree of Life and Film Socialisme

Some Blog Love:

Juliana Coles has new summer classes up! I am taking her Initiation class and I LOVE it. I love her! She's one of the best teachers and artists around.

TapeSwell has new tape. Be prepared to drool! Three little words: Clear Script Tape. (I love it all, but I'm always partial to script. :) ) Pssst...Tapeswell has extended a 15% off of your entire purchase (minimum $10) to readers of my blog if you use the coupon code KELLY when ordering.

View some of Dan Eldon's Journals here. It will get you all jazzed up for the new book, by Jennifer New, due out in July.

Speaking of books, this book is still very much on my wish list. Here's a great peek into it.

Summer Watercolor LOVE

Wolf Eyebrows

Natascha Rosenberg

Yolanda Satelite

Happy Weekend, Folks!


Sandy said...

Great page. I want to see Green Lantern and Tree of Life too. Green Lantern was filmed in New Orleans, so cool. I have one book about Dan Eldon, this one looks good too. I love the script tape too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Just placed my order and I see your coupon! Oh, well. I did get the Cityscape tape (remember the one you showed before of a cityscape and people walking their dog, etc.?) It was too expensive for me to get that but boy I snagged this one! I love TapeSwell!

taylor said...

Now you have blog love since I will be out of the country