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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tape with a Warning Label

Watch out for the new warning label on washi paper tape. It should say, "Warning. Highly addictive. The company will not be held responsible for any addictive behavior that results from your purchase of this product. Nor will we be held liable for your incessant need of sticking said product on everything in sight."

Speaking of tape, if you're in the L.A. area, Stampin From the Heart has the new Hambly tape in. Guess what I bought today?!?! I can't wait to try it!!! They also had in the new Tim Holtz paper and other fun goodies. I had a great day teaching there!! Thanks to my students and to Karen and the Gang! http://www.karen-stampinheart.blogspot.com/


diane.ca said...

Oh how true Washi tape is addictive and you can never have enough!

Anonymous said...

I like my tape a lot more than humbly tape.
Humbly designs were ok but I was underwhelmed. I liked the Tim hotly tape. The my tape book is expensive but very cool.

Kelly Kilmer said...

I love the mt tape!! It is my favorite.

I like the Tim Holtz tape (especially the script ones) but I don't love it. It has some severe issues with stickability.

I am excited about the Hambly tape. I wasn't impressed with the designs when I first saw them (as they match their papers/transparencies) but come in limited colors. HOWEVER, I love layering the tapes so I am eager to experiment with them. I am hoping that they are sticky. Plus, any tape in yellow, pink, brown and script is a good thing to me.

Yes. I am a book, tape, pen and paper addict. There are worse addictions to have, though.

sharon said...

I have never, ever, used paper tape, and now you have me eyes glazed obver already looking at so many etsy tape vendors!! There are too many to pick!

Evelin said...

oooh, I totally agree! They should put that warning on the tapes! I already bought a whole lot since I found them!


But I love them so! They are still my favourite tapes! :)

sharon said...

Just signed up for your new workshop...I am so excited!

Sandy said...

I love the tape too. I haven't seen the Hambly tape yet but I'll probably have to order it.

Arika said...

Oh Kelly. If you think the Tim Holtz tapes are not sticky enough, you are going to be disappointed with the Hambly tapes. Mine are even less sticky than Tim's!

I think it's a manufacturing issue, b/c my thin tapes are less sticky than the thick ones. (I'm talking only Hambly here.) I'm actually emailing them b/c on two of my thin tapes, it's like the adhesive is on the wrong side! So I have to use adhesive to get the tapes to stick (isn't that ridiculous...using adhesive on the back of TAPE?) but then my journal pages want to stick together just a little bit, b/c there is sticky stuff on the front of the Hambly tapes. So bizarre.

I'm loving the designs of my Hambly but I'm not impressed with the function. Yeah, I buy them to be pretty. But I don't think I should need an adhesive to make my TAPE stick! lol

tricia said...

I agree with you Kelly & Arika, the Hambly tapes lack stickiness! Once stuck down on paper they have a weird tackyness to them on the front side, weird I agree. I favor the mt japanese washi tapes!!!