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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patting My Belly This St. Paddy's Day Eve

I wanted to make something special, yummy and good for you from scratch this St. Patrick's Day evening. I was a bit panicked thinking that dinner wouldn't be ready until very late as we didn't get home until almost 7 p.m.

It was a busy day. David had some books that we wanted to sell at some of the used bookstores. Off to Book Alley in Pasadena. We sold almost all of our books there. He picked up two new books, but I was very good!

After the bookstore, we visited Zinnia in South Pasadena (www.Zinnia.biz). Oh, how much I love Zinnia! I popped in to pick up my Love Story journal (I'll be teaching it there again in June, but need it for my class in April at Stampin From the Heart in L.A.). I had to put my blinders on as I'll be back there a week from Saturday with my Unfold class (book making + collage + tape + pens + fun!!). Zinnia is always well stocked with arty goodness and inspiration!

I shoo'd David and Tristan across the street to the bookstore and popped into Jasleen (a really cute clothing store), where I found an adorable black skirt for $20 (I love their sale rack!). I met up with my boys at Battery Used Books and Music Store (a fairly new store that opened in November).  We will definitely be back there! Used bookstores ALWAYS get us super excited!!! I also want to eat at the grilled cheese and cereal place next door, Mix n Munch.

We're never around when the South Pasadena farmers' market is going on, but we were there tonight in time to check it out! It was hopping! I only had limited funds on me (silly me not stopping at the bank) so there wasn't too much I could buy with $15! I did snag some fresh honey, red potatoes, leeks, fresh flowers and I even walked away with $3 in change. I would love to go back again. It's a big farmers' market, for sure! There are several vendors I want to go back and scope out including raw milk and Homeboy Industries (yummy fresh baked goods). Mmmmmm....

Speaking of food, I used potatoes, onion, leeks, butter and milk for the soup. A variety of friends gave me several different recipes and I used a bit from each. (I'd love it if people want to post their favorite potato soup recipes in the comments! Link to your blog or website, if you have one, please)!

The brown bread recipe (I'm drooling as I type it. I WILL be making it again soon. It is the easiest, fastest, yummiest bread that I have made!!) was posted here:


All my worrying about dinner taking hours to cook was crazy! I had dinner ready in less than 90 minutes. (It would've been less time if we had more counter space. Ce la vie!) It was all soooo worth it.

Now to figure out what Irish film to watch (yeah, I know, everyone usually watches The Quiet Man)...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Sandy said...

Sounds like you all had a great day. That looks so yummy.

Tricia said...

Your dinner looks lovely. I highly recommend the "Homeboy Bakery" stand it supports a good cause and their breads are yummy. Do go back and try the bread with the cranberries.....love it.I hear the "Homegirl" salsa is good too!