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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 May 2010 journal page

Yay! Tristan's testing is over and done (for now, though he does have a PE test in about 2 weeks). I did the happy happy dance yesterday morning. Decided to skip the local bagel shop and leave extra early to beat the traffic. I'm so happy that we did that! We had plenty of time for a Starbucks and bagel run once we got there. While in line at Starbucks, who got in line behind me, but one of my most favorite drummers ever, Rick Allen. I was very quiet but smiling big time. Def Leppard has always been one of my favorite bands. Hell, I even wrote a book report on one of their bio books during freshman year of High School (the report cover had hand drawn art, by me, of the Hysteria cover). Got an A + for that one, thank you, very much (LOL). I used money earned from my two newspaper routes to pay for Pyromania (I can still remember the cashier laughing at me counting out all of my frigging quarters, dimes and nickles to pay for the cassette tape). Rick Allen was one of my biggest inspirations for picking up drum sticks, taking lessons and getting a drum set (which I sold to come out to California). So, even though I didn't say a peep to him, it meant a lot to see him. I'm still smiling. Rick and his wife, Lauren started the Raven Drum Foundation, a healing arts program, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

I'm teaching my collage/tape class this Sunday at Stampin From The Heart. Next weekend, I'll be trekking to teach five workshops in Fremont, CA. I'm looking forward to it!!!!!

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apinkdreamer said...

this page is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

SWWWWWWWWEEEEETTT!!!! I saw Def Leppard in concert way back when... so, it's an 80s hair band, but I love 'em too... :)


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Seriously? A PE test? The state of California has nothing better to do with its educational dollars than to test a home schooled kid on PE? Does running circles around other kids in culture count for anything here?
What if someone fails? Would such a kid have to do summer PE, or what?

Sandy said...

Beautiful page, I love everything about this, esp. your handwriting. So pretty.

Happy for Tristan. Shelby's last week is next week and he's so happy. (me too).

I saw Def Leppard while in high school and love them too. What a great story and so cool that you were in line in front of him. I would have turned around and said Hi. Couldn't have stood it.

Great blog links and the class sounds fun, I know I'd love to learn more about what to do with tape. I know the classes in northern CA are going to be awesome. Lucky people ;).